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Comment How are we not discussing (Score 1) 1560

Did anyone QA the thing? What a trainwreck! Maybe even "Sad!"

I found a dead link (copyright policy link at the bottom, which goes to an unknown server named "edit-45"), two merged sections of his policy plans ("America First Foreign Policy" includes the full text of "Trade Deals Working For All Americans"), and some sort of odd horizontal rule thing going on at "Bringing Back Jobs And Growth."

Where's my news for nerds?

Comment Re:Another home-spun date-time implemenation (Score 1) 38

I had the same initial reaction, but I thought about it a bit more.

Sonos may have had to write their own library. They need measured-in-milliseconds audio synchronization between speakers for their product to work (and it does, we have a set and love them). Remember that they first released this back in what, 2005? Yes, these days they can get a lot of CPU power in a PLAY:N speaker for cheap because of the smartphone revolution. 2005? Not so much. They may have had to write their own library (though why it would only surface this year does seem pretty questionable) because of hardware constraints.

Comment Re:2016 New Razer Blade (Score 1) 315

Fan noise can be an issue with the early razer blade. Mine is the gtx970m edition, not the 1060 though, both are 2016 models (early/late in the mac parlance, I guess). I'd also comment the aluminum covering the fans is a little weak/flexible, they need to work on their engineering there.

Other than that its a nice laptop, no huge complaints. Had I known they were going to release the 1060 so fast though, I might have waited and gotten a 1060 blade without the core, especially since the core won't charge the blade.

Comment Re:Amazon 'marketplace', wish I could disable it. (Score 2) 347

At least newegg gives you an option to limit it to newegg itself as soon as you hit search.

But yes, my one experience with their 'marketplace' (flash deals) was shit. Item shipped significantly different than item pictured, far lower quality. On the plus side, they gave a refund and did *not* want their trash back. At least it only wasted a little time (and materials)?

Comment Dear submitter, (Score 5, Insightful) 408

Please look up some studies on human memory, especially if you ever receive a jury summons. Turns out our memories are mostly a giant ball of lies. The owner is almost certainly the culprit, either via accident (did or did not do something he should have -- parking break, triggered summon, whatever), stupidity (triggered summon intentionally to see if the car would avoid a trailer), or embarrassment (he crashed the car himself).

Comment Only an idiot... (Score 1) 68

could have designed that thing. $1500 for a too-thick, awkward access (you have to remove the desk surface to get to it, it looks like? HELL NO!) is crazy talk. Pick up a good standing desk for half the price (or well under half, Autonomous is probably fine, it isn't like they manufacture the functional parts (legs/motors) anyway) and spend more on the guts of the computer. Place on the desk surface (my choice) or get XL cables and place on the floor.

Comment Re:Those 2% raises don't add up over time... (Score 1) 296


My track to FIRE will be longer than 20 years, part by foolishness (working at an underpaid state job for too long right out of school) and part by caution (build up extra nest egg for safety because I don't trust said same state to actually provide the pension benefits they've promised... to my family, or my in-laws).

You can retire in 7 years if you're hardcore.

Comment Re:Get Use To It (Score 1) 296

While the concept of unions seems okay, most of the implementations are corrupt power-grubbing monstrosities that long ago quit actually seeking to get the best outcome for the workers.

I think a better plan is living well within your means. If you can do that, while the severance is nice, you don't need it and thus it is easy to tell the company where to shove it if they pull crap like that.

I've got plan A down. Plan B remains on the table, unused. (Well, to be fair, I used a modified B where I didn't immediately quit but instead requested a transfer to a different department by applying to the only open position they had -- a 1 year contract spot. It ruffled some feathers, but got an internal full-time transfer offer. Not ideal, but good enough to let me change career direction while looking for a new job elsewhere in the new direction. Took 6 months, was all good (for me).)

I'm sure someone will come in and talk about privilege. That's fair, but isn't privilege a given since we're talking about an IT dept? They don't have a lot of salaries on glassdoor, but there are a couple sysadmin at 90k, network admin at 115k, and a single hourly sysadmin contractor at 40/hr. We aren't talking about people scraping by at min wage, we're talking about people who are overall being paid pretty well who don't apparently have a 6-month cushion tucked away.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 2) 390

You've clearly never worked in higher ed. Very Important Professors like to hand a (grad) student a printer and tell them to "set it up" -- by which they mean plug it in, find an IP it can sit on (probably squatting on someone else's but who cares it mostly works), install it on the prof's machine, and get back to that research said student is supposed to be doing.

You will note the IT folks were never involved in this sequence.

Comment s/nuclear/interplanetary species/ (Score 1) 485

If we want to become interplanetary or interstellar, we're going to have to come to peace with nuclear power. Without using it, we won't truly tame it and will lose spaceships instead. On one hand, that's good. Expendable, NIMBY, etc. On the other hand we shut down exploration after setbacks, and figuring out what went wrong from back here on earth will be really hard.

So yes, I support it. I did before that, actually, but realistically we need it if we're going to get off this rock. Let's get good at it.

Comment D) None of the above (Score 1) 165

None of them can hit the tolerances. The only place I could see it being workable would be printing out track for a large lego layout, because the track parts are expensive and fairly limited (the curve radii is great for a kids playset, not so great for a real model), but don't need to integrate so tightly with the rest of the system. Don't say use the Lego flextrack, I've got that and find it a huge disappointment. It is useful as an official 1/2 length straight, and not much else.

PS: This is news for nerds. +1 for the new overlords.

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