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Comment Re:Smart guns... (Score 1) 814

Actually, according to the FBI site, the vast majority of homicides ARE with firearms.

So I'm not sure what your comment was referring to.

The FBI also has statistics saying that 3X as many people kill themselves with a gun than kill someone else. There are also significantly more deaths via vehicle than firearms, but your point was homicides and that is mostly (68%) firearms.

Comment Re:Maybe they could ... (Score 2, Insightful) 545

This would only be plausable if they charged less than the cost of the DVD they were showing. Since a movie rental is roughly $5, and for that I get to watch it as much as I want, with as many people as I want, in my own home, a shared viewing of a DVD on a large screen should be $2-3/person. At that rate, they pay for the DVD with 10 people and I save a little money over renting it at the cost of having to deal with other people.

Comment Re:No such thing as unlimited (Score 1) 479

Why? Why do they have to cut me off eventually? Throughput (which is what they're talking about here, not bandwidth) is essentially free. It doesn't matter if I download 1 GB, 10GB, or 500GB in a month. It is the bandwidth that costs money.

If I download, constantly, for 28 days, at 512kb/sec, I'll use 1209.6 gigabits of data. That's well over all of their caps, but 512 kbs is a very small amount of bandwidth and a very cheap line.

With their standard cable internet plan, at 6MB/sec, I can download for less than 14 minutes and hit the 5GB cap, 27 minutes for 10 GB, an hour for 20, and 2 hours for 40. That's not including their faster packages.

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