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Comment Your mid-thread comedy break (Score 1) 110

Open source? isn't the whole problem that the source is too open as it is? Wait... the source of what? I really feel like an incurable layman and outsider when people say things like: "we've electrified underpants, but only for when there's moisture." and finally, wouldn't a better invention be a use for incontinent elderly folks? Ok, I've had my fun, you may return to the matter at hand.

Comment Re:Well, Yes (Score 1) 532

What if you were remaking the story 'Flatworld'? Maybe we just haven't started thinking about stories that occupy the extra dimensions. Also, as the Piranha 3d trailer pointed out, albeit somewhat clumsily: we have the power to make 3d breasts. Seriously. Inverse nippomatics.

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