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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Is a good GPA vital to landing a tech job? 1

RhapsodyGuru writes: Given the rather tough job market as of late, I have always wondered about the possibility that I might be excluded from many job offers over my close-but-no-cigar GPA in undergrad. Currently, I am a communications major with a 3.25 major GPA and a 2.8 cumulative GPA. However, unlike the typical college student, I have quite an array of different job experiences and a relatively healthy looking resume. For example, I have worked for a nuclear power plant designer company for nearly two and a half years, wrote for my local city newspaper with a circulation of 10,000ish, and have worked numerous side jobs related to tech such as software test and IT technician. My question is, despite a certain job I want to apply for (in database administration) asking for a minimum GPA of a 3.0, will it really matter to job recruiters that my performance was middling in college, but I have a great job history with excellent references to back it up? How could I put positive spin on what I have done in a way that could appeal to a interviewer?

Submission + - Looking Back on Arcades (

kube00 writes: Goozernation reflects on what made Arcades popular back in the 80s and 90s. Most of the great arcades are gone and many gamers had their first gaming experiences there. Arcades were the center of social gaming at one time which has now been replaced with playing over networked consoles.

Submission + - Haiku: An Inside Look at the Successor of BeOS ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Remember BeOS? Haiku, an open source project birthed from the desire to continue the legacy of the BeOS platform, is making leaps and bounds with its new features and ever growing community. In order to spread better awareness for the project, a new short tutorial video has been created to bolster attention to Haiku. It covers the basics of the user interface as well as OS installation and several applications that come built in.

Submission + - Play NES Games Anywhere With vNES ( 2

RhapsodyGuru writes: Ever wanted to play your favorite Nintendo classics anywhere you go? I ran into this really cool website called vNES that has a whole library of NES games that run within a Java-based NES emulator. There is a thriving community and new games are added all the time. Also, unlike ROM sites and emulator services, vNES is completely legal since they have physical copies of all the games that are listed on the site.

Submission + - SPAM: Linus Torvalds endorses Google Nexus One phone

alphadogg writes: Google's Linux-based Nexus One got a big time endorsement over the weekend from Linux kernel developer Linus Torvalds, who blogged [spam URL stripped] about the Android-based smartphone being "a winner." "I have to admit, the Nexus One is a winner. I wasn't enthusiastic about buying a phone on the internet sight unseen, but the day it was reported that it finally had the pinch-to-zoom thing enabled, I decided to take the plunge. I've wanted to have a GPS unit for my car anyway, and I thought that google navigation might finally make a phone useful," Torvalds writes. Torvalds says he actually isn't much of a phone fan in general, finding them distracting and acknowledging that he uses a G1 phone he got a while back just for gaming.
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Submission + - Goodbye, Cruel Sun (

Get Behind the Mule writes: I blogged some of my thoughts about Oracle's acquisition of my former employer, Sun Microsystems, particularly about the extravagant compensation and golden parachutes that went to executives who, on objective terms, failed at their jobs.

... I think it's fair to say that, for all the miscues that eventually led to its demise, the company created many products and technologies of value along the way, enough so that Oracle thought it was worth it to acquire them and try to keep them going.

However, I think that it's equally fair to conclude that, after years of running losses, including about $2 billion in fiscal 2009, so that a buyout was necessary to avoid looming bankruptcy, Sun's executives did nothing to deserve lavish rewards, by any conceivable meaning of the word "deserve". But what actually happened is by now a familiar story.

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