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Comment Here is the actual report (Score 2) 380

Here is the actual report: http://www.aptiquant.com/IQ-Browser-AptiQuant-2011.pdf

Yes, the whole thing is a PR stunt. So what. It made me smile ;)

The summary is a summary of a summary. Figure 2 in the original report is much more informative. The majority of the highest scoring people use Firefox (35%) or Chrome (20%). The majority of the lowest scoring people use IE7 (35%) or IE9 (20%). Opera and ChromeFrame are not used by people scoring lower than average.

As for correlations I would guess the following:

IE7 -> low score.
Firefox -> average to high score.
Opera and ChromeFrame and Camino -> high score.
Safari -> not much correlation at all.
Other IEs -> not much correlation, tendency to lower scores.

Anyways, it's nothing but a joke.

Comment Re:How about... (Score 1) 325

Hey I didn't call them a thread per se! But in the special case of underground opposition in a totalitarian state (which is a valid use scenario for freenet et al.) it might be wise to *not* directly disclose your buddies by means of a simple text file. It would be sufficient, though, to share a list of trusted foreign peers.

The only point I want to make is that you should be aware of your tool's inherent limits. Or blatnly said: False anonymity is worse then no anonymity.

Comment How about... (Score 2, Informative) 325

freenet (there is a dark net mode since version 7).

I remember people arguing dark mode being an anonymity thread itself. I case you computer is seized you and your 'friends' are immediately identified as part the of same conspirative group (based on client's friend list). Might rather be a problem in totalitarian systems where being suspicious is enough to face personal detriment (no pun intended).

Comment Re:It was a nightmare for regular users in 2000... (Score 1) 238

Thumbs up! Yea I was deflowerd by debian as well :) must have been around 1995, still in high school.
Well I checked the facts. Gentoo was released 2002 so I must have switched a bit later...

I'm kind of peeved that you can't switch from x86 to amd64

That also got me thinking. On Gentoo it seems to be possible to cross-re-compile the whole system and finally switch gcc to 64 bit. We'll see. Until now I didn't feel the need for 4 gigs of ram ;) No idea about debian, sorry.

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