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Comment Re:That is your job. (Score 1) 474

IT is a service provider (ITIL). Goal is to align IT services with the business to generate value. Solving the root cause of a problem is where one should concentrate their abilities to bring value to the company. Create an A3 report to show upper management where problem are and hopefully you will get the budget needed to fix them. Throw a positive spin to IT help desk positions.

Comment Re:Put everything in writing (Score 1) 902

I'd get a Help Desk solution to help keep record of all of the services you are providing your users. Before deciding on a Help Desk software define the services you provide your users. When a user emails, phones or walks into your office to complain just tell them to "Make a Ticket". Once you have your users understanding that any and all IT related problems need to be logged you will get a better chance to prioritize. When the tickets start coming in you can report on them and show where maybe another IT employee is needed or where you may need more training.

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