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Comment Re: Wow. (Score 3, Funny) 94

The top of Mount Everest seems the most logical to me. It's really fucking cold and the atmosphere is thin enough to kill you. Just set up a shelter that has a heavily tinted sun roof.

|| Mount Everest Mars Project - Administrator Log ||

Day 1 - Per ArmoredDragon's suggestions we have constructed a dome on Everest. Sun roof is nice. Moral is good and we begin the study tomorrow. History will remember us as giants of our era!
Day 4 - Experiments progressing nicely!
Day 12 - Today a tourist climbing group came by. Most of them just chucked used oxygen bottles at us, but one waved. These are likely to be the last climbers of the year.
Day 20 - It is getting very cold in the dome, we lost 3 researchers today.
Day 31 - Lost 7 today, but our work is invaluable! Moral seems to be holding.
Day 34 - Only one lost today. Sun roof has collapsed. Bob already ate the last of the Soup at Hand... Screw Bob.
Day 42 - Lost 2 more researchers. Moral starting to decline, but we found Mallory and Irvine's camera and it looks like we will be able to develop the film! EXCITEMENT!
Day 43 - Film only contains dick pics... 4 more researchers lost. Moral extremely low.
Day 46 - 3 lost... Food has run dry. Forced to 'repurpose' research subject Bob...
Day 49 - Lost 8 more today... down to shoe and belt leather rations. Moral continues to decline. Sent 2 to base camp for help.

Submission + - France to review food whitener additive, titanium dioxide, for health risks (

Eloking writes: The French government has ordered a review of the safety of titanium dioxide as a food additive after a scientific study released on Friday found health effects in animals that consumed the substance.

Titanium dioxide is widely used in industry as a whitener, notably for paint. It is an ingredient in some foods such as sweets and known as additive E171.

France's National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) and partners in a study on oral exposure to titanium dioxide had shown for the first time that E171 crosses the intestine wall in animals to reach other parts of the body, INRA said.

Comment Re:Things I learned from this advertisement (Score 2) 123

From the Article "The California-based company then informs the NYPD of the device’s current location — and it can track it even if it was reregistered with a different wireless provider."...they then boast how they have tracked a phone to brazil!?

Nobody, no-one concerned that a Apple is tracking their customers, and can do so without their knowledge.

Seriously "Do no evil?"

You have to opt in and setup Find My iPhone, so I don't see how that is without their knowledge. Unless you are talking about something different?

Comment Re:Yah (Score 1) 340

Best not to bother with trying to run it on XP. It, like most anything with a DOS version, tends to run under DOSbox better/easier than any other way.

Prepare to get super annoyed with the control scheme though. I really feel RTS controls were all rubbish until StarCraft 1, but stuff like Dune RTS and WC1... I honestly don't know how I played it. Then again I guess I didn't try to play it like I do now with RTS games were I like to try and pretend like I have great micro/macro.

Comment Re:Yah (Score 1) 340

Can I please have my single player offline games back?

Speaking just for myself, I'm skipping both StarCraft 2 and Diablo 3, because of the onerous DRM and always-online requirements Blizzard now uses.

I wonder if the DRM and always-online requirements are preventing enough piracy that results in sales, to overcome the loss of buyers like me.

You didn't miss anything with Diablo 3 really. It was ok, but nothing great. A step back for Blizzard if you ask me. With StarCraft 2 it was your own loss if you liked multiplayer. Also it had an offline mode that thanks to internet issues I got to make several uses of.

Comment Re:Thanks! (Score 1) 340

I understand your argument, I really do. however I dont understand any good reason to disable to single player mode from d2 (which the char was not able to play on battlenet, and therefore not able to access the "real money" market activision set up (in convinced this is an activision move, and not something blizzard would have done prior to being bought up) I simply disagree with the way the game was handled. Hell I pre ordered, pre downloaded, and still couldnt play for 2 days after it was "released" all because of server issues. If that the the route all games are going to go.. i guess I am not a gamer any longer. Thats just me, but I will not deal with that, Ill keep playing super mario world and D2 and be happy.

I am not the other guy, but maybe I can clarify: It is an online game. That is a fact. You may not like that, you may not have played previous Diablo games online ever, but Diablo III is sever side. It is an online game. That is not an argument, it is a statement of fact.

You are free to not like that and not buy the game and mention how much you dislike the fact, but it is still fact, not an argument. I agreed with their decision here, but I hope they (like me) look at it in retrospec and say "yeah that didn't really work out as well as we had hoped". I mean I only ever really played D1 and D2 online and I was very happy about very realistic changes to drastically reduce cheating and hacking. I was also excited about the (much less realistic) idea that maybe gold & item spam would be reduced by the RMAH. That said, in the end it wasn't worth it and it didn't improve either enough to justify doing it again. Overall I got enough hours out of D3 that I can't really hate on it too hard, but it just wasn't that good of a game. An ok game if you will, and I agree that I hope they drop online in the future.

Basically, I agree with 99% of what you are saying, but its not just 'add on offline and lan'. The game was server side, that was the way they wanted to go.

Comment Re:Twitter is only used by a certain sub-group! (Score 3, Interesting) 86

You seem to have a very odd notion of Twitter and how it is used. A large variety of people use it for an incredible diverse list of reasons. I use twitter, but I never 'tweet'. It just provides me with a simple single page where I can check for updates on various communities/podcasts/webshows that I follow. I have no idea why you think that only 40+ year old men use it.

Comment Re:Macs have never been malware/virus proof (Score 1) 455

Linux may not be popular on the desktop, but I'd say Linux has a very high percentage of servers since roughly 60% of mail server responses are exim, postfix, and sendmail, while microsoft continues to decline. My own vanity domain is "tested" daily hundreds of times, and let me tell you, Iptables and ACL keep my server secure, not obscurity.

But that isn't how this malware is spreading. Users are downloading and installing this, it isn't an attack. That comparison doesn't really work there.

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