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Comment Re:Not a Wii HD (Score 1) 185

*MOST aftermarket Cube controllers will work. When my brother got his Wii (within a few months of launch), he tried using a Spongebob Squarepants controller (bought it for a cheap extra controller, as it was discounted heavily) and it wouldn't work with the Wii, although it worked fine on the GC. This is the only issue I have heard of though.

Comment Re:Multi-tasking (Score 2, Informative) 443

Hey, I agree with your point. The no multitasking is pretty idiotic. However, if you're still living in a world where SSH sessions don't resume, you need to check out GNU Screen or Byobu. Screen allows you to have multiple terminal sessions and switch between them. Also if you use SSH to connect to machine with screen enabled you can resume your session from anywhere. Byobu is Screen on steroids and adds pretty options to it.

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