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Comment Re:Windows 8 is a good next step (Score -1) 343

there will always be pc's, they may well become more niche. it will be i think 10-15 years or longer before the tablets come anywhere close to the share pc's have now.
people pushing tablets have to come up with a good reason to use them over pc's, which i really don't see one.
if you add a keyboard and mouse? why not get a laptop? or desktop? tablets are nice because they are pretty well locked down, so maybe viruses won't be an issue? i don't think that is good enough for businesses though.
they are great for some industries, and they use them already, like shipping or manufacturing, but businesses that use desktops already? i don't know how tablets would improve productivity, from how poor they sometimes pick up finger touch, i'd say it would make productivity worse.

Comment Re:Well... (Score -1) 646

well no, you could run windows 7 on it.
the bare minimum for windows 7 32 bit, since 64 bit didn't exist till 2006, was:
1 ghz processer, 1 gig of ram and 16 gigabytes of space.
processors over 1 ghz existed before and after aug 24th 2001.
so did 1 gig of ram, so did hard-drives over 16 gigs.
i would say any computer bought after 2001 could easily run windows 7 32 bit.
the only snag would be if you wanted to get a newer video driver from ati, ati doesn't support anything lower than the radeon 2400 series, released in 2006.
then again neither does nvidia, they only go back about that far, to the geforce 6.
it will be a bit painful and i'm not sure how well it would run, but yes you can run windows 7 on 2001 hardware,
vista is a bloated behemoth, no one expects it to run on 2001 hardware other than as a punch line to a nerd joke.

Comment Re:Original Story (Score -1) 349

it sounds like the schools think that twitter magically links the IP to the account it is made on.
as far as i'm aware of, twitter doesn't do that.

this can be put down to incompetence of the school to understand how the internet and twitter works.
unless i'm wrong, since i don't find twitter remotely interesting so i don't have an account.
don't remember ever reading IPs when i get a twitter link though.

Comment Re:Two words: PAPER BALLOTS (Score -1) 264

i like electronic, you can't fuck it up like paper.
i've had to do ballots over because i just didn't fill the oval, "just right".

or the shitty ballot reader didn't work, in fact i've had to wait over an hour to do something that takes 20 mins max, because kansas has shitty ballot readers.
in the end i did it on electronic and it took me less time to do it.
so yeah, paper is great if it doesn't fail, electronic is less frustrating to do though.

Comment Re:Development costs? (Score -1) 331

wow there are still anti-linux trolls around?
i thought all you brainless zombies died out in the 90's.
while i like freebsd better than linux, that doesn't make your asinine rhetoric less mind-numbly stupid.

for fucks sake, do you really think your idiotic "challenge" is evidence of the failure of linux? it couldn't be that the companies making the hardware see more profit supporting windows and less in linux?
or the drivers contain proprietary code they don't want to give out? you know something that is fucking realistic?

this makes me laugh, i hope you honestly don't think that software holes in apache or poor administration is somehow the fault of linux right? i mean that would be fucking retarded and proof that you have your head up your own ass.

by the way did you read that page on dell? or did you just pull it out of your ass without thinking?
because people on that page reported that the windows version was fucked up too, so it had nothing to do with linux.

good try at trolling, it would have been better if you had real points rather than disinfo, lies and a philosophy debate about evolution lol.

oh and real men use free/open/net/bsd, followed by linux
windows is for pussies who fail at trolling slashdot.

ps: you don't know jack shit about driver support in linux or unix, windows driver support is fucked up, linux is better, bsd is more so.

Comment Re:Stephen R.Donaldson- Chronicles of Thomas Coven (Score -1) 1244

since when does that imply i was 15? or that i was afraid of the language? i'd been reading hp lovecraft long before that
also why would i care if there are new books to a series i hated because as i said the protagonist is an asshole from the start?

might as well try to entice me with new books by john norman.
pointing out that one of the worst aspects of the series is covenant himself as a character is valid criticism and i make that as an adult.
i expect some sort of difference between the hero and the villain. instead i get two villains, one of them just happens to be supernatural, while the other is a mortal sociopath thinking he is dreaming.


Comment Re:Stephen R.Donaldson- Chronicles of Thomas Coven (Score -1) 1244

i had no problem reading them when i was a kid, peake was harder to read.
the problem with the books for me was that covenant was the most unlikable hero i've ever read.

he was a royal asshole and so angst ridden that i wanted to punch him in the face.
while i like my anti/heros not to be saccharine sweet and to have flaws, i hated thomas it is like donaldson intentionally took all the worse traits of humanity and used them in his book, thomas almost felt like a fun house parody of humanity.

the only series that i came close to hating that much was the gor series and that was because of the background not talbot.

Comment Re:This is the danger... (Score -1) 566

yes and we use the ones that work. do you really think there is that much of a dividing line between the two that mainstream medicine that finds an old technique that works they reject it because they didn't think of it?

honestly, don't you see the problem with this kind of thinking? if we go by your logic we can't reject anything at all, because it could be true at some point in the future and we just don't know it yet.

that isn't logical or reasonable, it is fallacious.

Comment Re:Perhaps study these treatments scientifically? (Score -1) 566

but studies don't seem to show that.


Two studies reported in 2010 found that patients with chronic pain experienced no benefit from taking 1500 mg/day of glucosamine. One study involved 250 adults with chronic low-back pain and degenerative osteoarthtiris who were followed for one year. Half of the patients took glucosamine and half received a placebo. The glucosamine group did no better than the placebo group [8]. The other study involved 662 GAIT participants with moderate-to-severe knee osteoarthritis who received either glucosamine (500 mg three times daily), chondroitin sulfate (400 mg three times daily), glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate combined (same doses), celecoxib (Celebrex, 200 mg once daily), or a placebo. There were no statistically significant differences among the groups [9].

sure you may not trust quackwatch, but they do source what they say.

Comment Re:Here's how I see it: (Score -1) 267

CNET is owned by CBS, oblviously it is CBS's fault :)
isn't it scary that the very people pushing this destructive law are the very people that propagated the need for the law in the first place?
they created the problem to make money from people so they could create this law to clamp down on our freedoms, it is more proof that america hasn't been a democratic republic for at least 30 years!

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