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Comment Wanted - People to chase carrots and make us money (Score 0) 354

This is all for an INTERVIEW. Fuck these assholes. We're all suppose to be jumping through hoops with the oh so great reward that they will be so gracious to consider us. Fuck them. In fact, I will not even buy their products when I find out who it is. Boycott this pretentious bullshit. The company should be proving to us why we should work for them, not the other way around.

Submission + - Corporate Fight Against Open Source

tomboy writes: " details Wal-Mart and Netflix's attempt at avoiding to support open-source applications, such as Firefox, with their services. The author writes, "The trouble with dictating what your users or customers can and cannot use to buy your products is a very dangerous game. Even iTunes, with all of its success, has made itself a standalone application that honestly couldn't careless which browser choice you have made. It works on two of the three main OS' and the success of iTunes has thus been reflected, I believe."

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