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Comment Re:Coffee shops (Score 5, Interesting) 483

This is not an uncommon occurrence at all. I used to enjoy playing and going to shows at this local cafe/venue that was all independent musicians playing their own songs. Then they were essentially forced to shut down because they were tiny and couldn't afford the overhead with the licensing for things that weren't even. And yes, they have agents that go around to small places like this, check if music is being played and then cross reference if they don't have a license. It's like a Mafia protection racket. You are forced to pay them when they don't even provide a service to them, lest you be sued out of existence.

Submission + - Portal Available For Free (

tsj5j writes: In celebration of Steam's recent Mac release, Valve has made Portal completely free till May 24th with no strings attached (besides the requirement of the free Steam client). This isn't a trial, you get to keep it as long as you download it within the promotional period. As Portal has scored great reviews from critics, it's certainly worth a download.

Comment Re:Now if they'll just fix their web interface ... (Score 3, Insightful) 115

I intentionally block scripting on a website and blame the creators when it doesn't work properly too.
Javascript isn't the "abortion" it used to be, it's critical in many sites, especially with dynamic content. If you want to block a significant portion of web content, that's your choice, but don't complain when things don't work because you refuse to allow your browser to use the required Javascript libraries.
/Firefox and NoScript user.
//No issue using site.

MetaLab Accuses Mozilla of Ripping Off UI Elements In Mockups 159

CWmike writes "Canadian interface design firm MetaLab has accused Mozilla of stealing user interface elements for a development tool in the browser maker's Jetpack project, which aims to simplify add-on making. MetaLab leveled the charges on Tuesday when the 11-person firm's founder, Andrew Wilkinson, blogged about the similarities between his company's designs and those posted by Mozilla for FlightDeck, a Jetpack editor. 'What they did was pretty ridiculous,' Wilkinson said on Thursday. 'There's a difference between inspiration versus ripping something off,' he said. 'The measurements of the graphic elements [Mozilla took from us] were the exact same, the very same pixels. When someone takes your images from the server hosting them, that's crossing the line.' Mozilla apologized to MetaLab on Wednesday, saying in a blog post, 'While the design direction being implemented does not utilize these design elements, we inadvertently included the early mockups in our blog post and video announcing the next phase of development for the Jetpack SDK ... We sincerely apologize to MetaLab for incorporating design elements from their web site in our early mockups and for posting them publicly without proper attribution.'" Alexander Limi of the Firefox User Experience Team points out that MetaLab has accepted the apology, too — worth bearing in mind.

Comment Re:The Expansion Problem (Score 1) 177

I think this is one of the wise things that Funcom is doing with Age of Conan. The upcoming expansion is not raising the level cap, and is instead adding content for all levels, so you won't have the whole deal where a bunch of content becomes obsolete all of a sudden. God knows that game needs to grow out, not up anyway.

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