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Comment BASIC (Score 1) 630

Just like others who started up in the 80s, my first language was BASIC. Specifically, AtariBasic. Later, when I had gotten a C128, it switched to Commodore BASIC 7.0

In both cases, I remember the hours I would spend typing in programs from magazines. Some of the games were fun. Unfortunately, I didn't have a disk (or tape) drive at the time, so after getting a program to work, the computer was kept on for days at a time until I tired of whatever I was playing with and moved on.

Comment My podcasts? Oh wow... (Score 3, Interesting) 268

I am a big fan of audio drama, which means that the podcasting format is great for my kind of entertainment.

Here are my audio drama podcasts:

I also listen to Dan Carlin's podcasts (Common Sense and Hardcore History) for a pretty balanced view on history and politics.

Also, as I'm studying and training to do voice work, I also subscribe to a number of voice-over feeds.

In addition to the general voice-over stuff, I find that podcasts about podcasting (meta, anyone?) are also useful sources of knowledge.

I know there's a lot here, so I hope you find something of interest.

Comment Re:It's dramatic how quickly the shift happened (Score 1) 268

The problem with video or audio is that such information is not easily referenced; you have to go from beginning to end, and then, if you want to go back to a specific step later on, you need to keep clicking on the timeline until you reach something that looks like what you want. And then hope you found the right spot. This is as opposed to blogs and other forms of written content, which are usually separated be headings, and are easily skimmed through until you find what you want.

What all this means is that anything requiring the person to perfectly follow all steps from A to Z will benefit from the video treatment. However, anything that can be modified as appropriate should be presented in a text-based way, so that the person can skim through and find the salient parts of the post.

An example of something that benefits from video would be a video game walkthrough; by showing the action on-screen, the viewer will be able to see the sequence of events, both the actions of the player, and the reaction of the game engine and AIs.

An example of something that benefits from a text-based blog would be a tutorial for a program like Photoshop, or the GIMP. These programs are complex, and no video can possibly cover everything, and often people desire things on these programs that require a collection of different actions. Sometimes, all the actions are required, sometimes, they want to get to a point, and then diverge. Or maybe they simply want to refer to step 5, because it might be something that would work with their current project. For whatever reason, trying to find that step in a 30- to 50-minute YouTube video is downright frustrating.

Comment Re:Wow... that's pretty harsh. (Score 1) 467

Committed fraud? Maybe... that word can have several definitions. Willfully? You'd have to point out any evidence that this was willful instead of someone who had to watch as reality gutted his intentions with reckless abandon. I suspect he fully intended to release the game as advertised, only to discover that his reference platform was not what most gamers (and especially PS4 owners) were capable of.

Comment Wow... that's pretty harsh. (Score 1) 467

I bought the game, and while I'm disappointed, I understand this is essentially the tuition for the life lesson: don't buy into hype. Never buy a game when it's brand new. Wait and see how it will turn out. To be perfectly fair, I can understand why certain features are missing. When the game came out, there were performance issues that even top-of-the-line gaming systems were struggling to deal with. Those other promised features may have been in the prototype, but cut until it could be determined how to add them without causing massive slowdown. For my part, I'll just accept that I lost my money, and wait to see what happens next. If nothing, I'll still get another $60 on my next payday, so while it stings, it's no great loss.

Comment I Honestly Don't Mind (Score 1) 205

I don't really mind the ads too much; the ads I hate are the javascript and flash monstrosities that slow browsers down to a crawl. But I'm willing to wait 4-15 seconds for the content to come on; it's what allows content producers to get paid for their (sometimes) hard work (something I eventually want to do for myself one day).

Comment Re:There's an old Microsoft slogan about this (Score 1) 131

Back when that tactic was standard practice, we had Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer in charge of the company. Both have since stepped down (BG is now the technology advisor, but not in charge of the business strategy of the company). I'm not saying that Microsoft has definitely changed, but I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

Comment Re:The future looks good. (Score 2) 264

I intend to use Lubuntu with LXDE and an Awesome (window manager, not superlative) desktop. No PulseAudio, very minimal system usage, and full access to KXStudio, which provides an immense collection of programs that can cover just about every possible function, especially when you take Jack, Ardour, Claudia, and the immense collection of plugins available.

Comment Quantum Co-Processor? (Score 2) 156

Before mathematical capability was baked into the main processor cores, motherboards used to have mathematical co-processors, which could handle the advanced math in a computer. Even if a quantum chip cannot compare with a classical chip's calculation performance at this time, just how feasible would it be to include a quantum co-processor on a classical motherboard for quantum calculations? Would the two combined provide any benefit that either by itself could not?

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