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Comment Re: 4G is fast enough (Score 1) 38

Niggle: that ubiquiti gear won't be Wimax. It uses standard Wifi chips and proprietary drivers to do point to multipoint TDMA. This approach was pioneered by Mikrotik and there are now quite a few vendors with similar systems.

The gear is now fantastically cheap. You can get outdoor units with radio, antenna all in one for under 100USD. Posted by PoE. Runs in the same unlicensed spectrum as normal wifi.

Comment Re:Security? (Score 2) 20

Of course, OpenStack can't implement things which are needed by real people. Wake me up when they are able to get comparable functionality to vMotion, HA, fault tolerance, or just adding disks/RAM to an image without having to kill the VM and spin up a new one from an image.

FUD. OpenStack is not a hypervisor, it's an omnibus cloud application suite. There are at least 2 nova-compute compatible hypervisors that can "vmotion" (which is snapshotting RAM and storage to a network block device). If you can't figure out how to do "HA" and "fault tolerance" with MySQL then by all means, keep transferring your entire bank account to VMWare.

All in all, your rant makes about as much sense as someone complaining that Microsoft Office can't do spreadsheets.

Comment Re: Well, that's embarrassing (Score 1) 622

That's all well and good, but by the standard of historical documents from the same time period, the New Testament is pretty darn good. The Gospels were all written within 60 years of Jesus' death. There were eyewitnesses around to say "that's not what I saw!"

Other historians of the time (e.g. Josephus) corroborate Jesus' existence.

If you're going to pick a fight with a 2000 year old religion, don't embarrass yourself with the "it was all made up" and "Jesus didn't exist" arguments.

Comment Re:Encryption is but a tiny aspect of it (Score 1) 208

Well, maybe actually having one of these "country" things costs money, and expecting its citizens to pay for this isn't a completely crazy idea. You can't start raising an army after the invaders have arrived. Well, you can, but it's not going to be too successful.

And then maybe poor people dying in the streets because they can't afford private healthcare turns out to be something that people with any kind of empathy at all would say was a bad thing.

And a few steps later, you're not too far off the status quo in most of the first world.

If you're willing to argue that the "poor people dying or being extremely sick because they can't afford to go to the doctor" is a good thing if it means you get to hoard your wealth, then... as I said earlier, *sigh*.

Comment Re:Encryption is but a tiny aspect of it (Score 4, Insightful) 208

Collectivism! Socialism! Reds under the beds! Yes, folks, those problems and more besides can be solved by radical individualism and its close friend, laissez-faire capitalism!

Sure, some people will be free to starve, others will be free to die of preventable illnesses, but at least your freedom to amass wealth and keep it all to yourself will be safe.


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