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Comment Uh? #2 (Score 2) 308

I need an expensive Windows 10 PC to even start developing with Win IoT??? From Microsoft's Get Started guide - "Make sure you are running the public release of Windows 10 (version 10240) or better. You can upgrade from here. If you are already running Windows 10, you can find your current build number by clicking the start button and typing “winver” and hitting enter." With a Raspbian/Linux based Pi kit I can be coding within minutes on the Pi itself I don't need an additional PC! This is just a way to shove desktop Windows 10 down people's throats! Again, as if!!

Comment Corporate networks.... really? (Score 4, Informative) 54

"could be used to launch targeted attacks against corporate networks" A corporate network operator that allows BYOD Android devices with no MDM installed, direct network access deserves an attack. And corporately owned Android devices would normally have a secure MDM installed with settings like "unknown sources" disabled and not user changeable. For this malware to get access to a corporate network it would require some really poor security practices on the part of the device owner and network owner which would probably mean the company were vulnerable to much simpler attacks.

Comment Re:MisoSMS (Score 2) 117

No. Not a million times this. To get this stupid app on your device you have to deliberately go out of your way to enable sideloading, download the app when promted from some dodgy website, install it, grant it admin.

This has nothing to do with the Android permissions system and everything to do with dumb people. Actually REALLY dumb becaus they chose to enable sideloading, they are going out of their way to be hacked... the "Google Vx" settings app isn't pinging up in the Top 10's in the app store, it's side loaded by the user!

Even if you could individually select the permissions an app requests, this level of dumb user would STILL just "accept all".

They deserve to have all of their "I'll b hm in 20 mins" messages lifted!

Comment Invest in video editting software now! (Score 1) 473

...because every Google Glass user is going to need some. I don't have one, but I'm guessing Google Glass, when recording, will capture everything I look at/towards. So it'll pick up every glance the user makes toward a woman's legs, backside, breasts, face (yup that's often the order). There'll be plenty of idiots initially who'll share lots of instant video captures where halfway through they take a glance down a girl's blouse... they'll learn and they'll need video editting software!

Comment Re:Because Hybrids Don't Pay For Themselves (Score 0) 998

$4.50 is ridiculously cheap! In the UK we're currently paying £1.44 per litre for unleaded. If my maths is still good, on current exchange rates, that's $8.65 per US gallon - almost twice what you've stated you're paying. To fill the 60 litre tank in my 2001 Honda Accord it costs me approx. £86 or $137 When your gas is that expensive you might see more uptake and re-uptake of hybrid and electric technologies - or even an increase in sneaker purchases.

Comment What next? (Score 0) 605

Oracle buys sun and then slowly shuts down OpenOffice. MS buys Skype and will slowly (probably rapidly more like) shutdown Linux support. What other useful apps are there that offer cross platform support for Linux and can be wiped out by simply buying the company? Dropbox next?

Comment Re:Brilliant! I love this law! (Score 1) 617

US companies go to China because it's cheaper - a lot cheaper. Bringing the work back to the US will certainly create more US jobs, but these workers are a) much more expensive and b) the US companies that will receive all this new work won't have the same buying power as the Chinese ones. Your $40,000 SUV will soon cost you $80,000 because Ford just can't afford to make it so cheap any more. Assuming you're a US resident... do you really love it?

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