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Comment Re:Is it a "General Purpose Computer"? (Score 4, Informative) 145

A general purpose computer is simply a computer that can be used to compute any computable function when space and time constraints are ignored. Your phone is a general purpose computer. The opposite of that would be an application-specific integrated circuit or general purpose hardware locked down to running a limited set of applications.

Comment Re:Judge fucked up. (Score 1) 184

No, the judge referred to the precedent, but then reasoned that 1) the act of surrendering a physical key requires divulging information about the key (identifying the key and its location); 2) requiring a defendant to surrender a physical key is permitted; 3) requiring a defendant to divulge a passcode requires them to divulge essentially the same information, so it must also be permitted. In step 3) he also explicitly ignored binding Supreme Court precedent that had found a qualitative difference between handing over a physical key and requiring a defendant to divulge a passcode. The decision is likely to be overturned by Florida Supreme Court or a federal court if the defendant is willing to pursue this case further.

Comment The Land of the Free (Score 1) 292

The right to be forgotten in most of the world and other horrendous restrictions on speech mean that even with all the NSA spying going on the USA is still the land of the free. There will probably come a time when a US based search engine with no established presence anywhere else will make sure that we denizens of the rest of the world still have the opportunity to speak out. The fact that information is easier to find these days than 30 years ago simply means that we as a society have to re-evaluate what emphasis we put on past deeds; it should not mean that nobody should have the right to speak about certain things any more.

Comment A good start (Score 1) 255

Nothing wrong with posting the e-mails (lobbying should be transparent!), but home and e-mail addresses could have conceivably been redacted and probably should have been. Furthermore, some of those e-mails may contain sensitive information (i.e., someone complaining about the treatment their child has received in a school for children with special needs), and in such cases the identities of the persons involved should also be concealed. But in general this is a good start.

Comment Re:Bullshit! (Score 1) 295

Simply enable it for NVIDIA users by default. It works the same across every distribution, and in fact, every OS. Google are just as cowardly as Adobe were.

Why should Google reward Nvidia's selfish behaviour in Gnu or Free Software ecosystem? When Nvidia make it possible to run their graphics cards with free drivers and still get all the features, then by all means, I agree. Until that is the case, there is no particular reason to reward Nvidia, however.

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