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Comment The arguement (Score 1) 400

If this article is supposed to be an argument for publishing it is unconvincing. Note I am not saying that publishing is wrong, just that this would lose at debate club.

Why? He has duty to be informed backwards. We hardly need to be more informed about the horrors perpetrated by ISIS. Our networks have no problem publishing that stuff 24 hours a day. If we were talking the duty to be informed seriously we need to be informed about the horrors WE are perpetrating, but FOX certainly isn't interested in that.

Take the examples given in the fine article: A burning Jordianian pilot; A burning little girl; Dead American soldiers. You see how one of these things is not like the others? Only one of them was deliberately produced and then cynically appropriated for pro-war purposes.

There ARE good arguments for showing the video, but need to be informed is bogus. Lets stick with free speech, huh?.After all that (fairly embarrassing) #JeSuisCharlie onanism we can't turn around and silence the voices of our enemies without revealing ourselves as self-righteous hypocrites.

Comment Re:Copyright is Now Perpetual (Score 2) 227

I certainly download stuff because the copyright bargain is no longer respected by the "owners". I absolutely download stuff because copyright maximalists and their business models are a cancer. I pay for things ONLY when it actually goes toward incentivizing creation and not towards enriching rent seekers. You might say that's not a protest but it's certainly a moral choice.

Comment Re:Since when is AMT controversial? (Score 5, Insightful) 179

However you slice it, AMT is a backdoor. If you control the backdoor on your own equipment then you can do some cool tricks, but implementing a backdoor massively increases the attack surface of the system.

The question is whether the cool tricks are worth the risk. For managed corporate drone PCs the answer is probably yes. For everyone else it is definitely no. For a personal laptop it's an emphatic FUCK NO.

Badly written Hollywood movies used to give crackers stupid computer-superpowers. Now that AMT is here those kind of fantasies become reality.

Comment Re:Slashdot stance on #gamergate (Score 1, Troll) 693

There is *heaps* of corruption in the gaming press, but this is not what it looks like. Have a look at the actual anti-consumer antics Ubisoft or EA gets away with supported by mainstream publications. The kind of stuff that DOES target the GG market and DOES con you out of good money for shit they know doesn't work.

But Zoe Quinn? the sex-for-reviews thing has been thoroughly debunked and I'm pretty sure you know it, but lets say it was true. It would be like the world's smallest ethics tree falling in an uninhabited GG forrest. We know not a single proto-GGer was harmed because not a single one can say they read the reviews and decided that they wanted to buy it. Seriously. A chose-your-own-adventure game called Depression Quest is niche even in indie circles. The "not a game" crowd that makes up most of GG hates that kind of thing with a passion.

When people say GG is sexist, it's because they hold the work of independent women to a very different standard to the likes of the male-dominated AAA industry. When people say GG is sexist it's because it was started as a slut-shaming exercise and still hasn't moved on.

Let's be real here. When people say GG is sexist its because it is.

Comment Re:Better Late Than Never (Score -1, Flamebait) 693

Yes that all sounds very nice. The problem is that once you discount the misogyny, ban the harassment, develop a modicum of maturity, gain a sense of proportion and ideally hash out a coherent theory of ethics, you realise that GG is a movement with no actual enemies or goals. It's hard to rationalise this zen-like philosophy with the hysterical defensive posture of GamersGaters though. One naturally begins to suspect the movement is less than entirely honest about who and what it's targets are.

Comment Re:Why do people still care about C++ for kernel d (Score 4, Insightful) 365

If you don't think Linus has enough C++ experience, how about the man who created of C++ as a hoax, Bjarne Stroustrup:

Interviewer: If we publish this, you’ll probably get lynched, you do realise that?
Stroustrup: I doubt it. As I said, C++ is way past its peak now, and no company in its right mind would start a C++ project without a pilot trial. That should convince them that it’s the road to disaster. If not, they deserve all they get.. You know, I tried to convince Dennis Ritchie to rewrite Unix in C++..
Interviewer: Oh my God. What did he say?
Stroustrup: Well, luckily, he has a good sense of humor. I think both he and Brian figured out what I was doing, in the early days, but never let on. He said he’d help me write a C++ version of DOS, if I was interested..
Interviewer: Were you?
Stroustrup: Actually, I did write DOS in C++, I’ll give you a demo when we’re through. I have it running on a Sparc 20 in the computer room. Goes like a rocket on 4 CPU’s, and only takes up 70 megs of disk..
Interviewer: What’s it like on a PC?
Stroustrup: Now you’re kidding. Haven’t you ever seen Windows ‘95? I think of that as my biggest success. Nearly blew the game before I was ready, though..
Interviewer: You know, that idea of a Unix++ has really got me thinking. Somewhere out there, there’s a guy going to try it..
Stroustrup: Not after they read this interview..

Obviously the BOSS-MULL developers never did read it. You can here.

Comment Re:It's not feminism at this point. (Score 2) 724

Either gamers are all sexist pig men who rape women at every change they get, or gamers are a mix of people and all these feminist gamer rape articles are BS.
You can't have it both ways. The feminists use gamer to mean whatever they want...

That's a false dichotomy. And did you realise you are talking about "the feminists" as if they are single monolithic group right after you just finished complaining about how people think gamers are a single monolithic group?

Oh and btw, where are all the complaints when a game character is a muscled 6 foot tall guy who can lift a ton?

The super-masculine super soldiers are designed to appeal almost exclusively to the power fantasies of teenage boys. Are you honestly trying to tell me you've never heard feminists complain about that? I mean, isn't fear that the nasty feminists will take your boobs and you space marines away exactly what this is all about?

Comment Re:gtfo (Score 1) 724

I think you've got the wrong idea about what crowd funding is about. It's just a social network with dollars instead of likes. Sure, you can have legitimate businesses on there (not that a legit operation would ever agree to expense reports) - or you can have people taking the piss with a fifty thousand dollar potato salad. Funny how nobody has a problem with that one.

People donated to Anita because they wanted to show support in the face of the raging misogynistic hate machine that was trying to shut down her campaign. I know that's why I backed her, and I totally got my money worth before the campaign was even over. Honestly I find her videos pretty unappealing.

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