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Comment Re:Your phone system is stupid. (Score 1) 217

All these people saying Europe is smarter for only charging for outgoing calls are conveniently neglecting to mention that in Europe, you get charged more to call a cell phone than a land line. In Europe, you can tell which phones are cell phones by the number. In the US, you can't make that distinction based on the number, but it also the cost of making the phone call to a specific area code is the same regardless if the number is tied to a cell phone or a land line. At least, that's how it was when I left the US 13 years ago.

So I could tell a European with a attitude like @redback, "It's your stupid fault for letting a phone company charge you more just because the other party owns a cell phone instead of a land line". How does that taste?

Comment Re:Wonder how Ada 2012 would fare... (Score 1) 189

You've stumped me on AS/400 -- I'm having a hard time find viable Ada options for even modern IBM mainframes. (iSeries)

To be fair, the context was openssl. Is that going to be realistically run on 8-bit bare metal?

It's generally not too hard get GNAT running on any platform that gcc runs on, but 8-bit would be pretty challenging I think.

Comment Re:Wonder how Ada 2012 would fare... (Score 1) 189

Actually, you do not have to pay for for an Ada android cross-compiler and one has been available for 3 years already. Here is the latest gcc 4.9-based free (in every sense) android/arm cross compiler with FreeBSD as host (DragonFly BSD is also an option)

And here are the testsuite results:

The only test it fails are the stack-check tests, and that is because gcc doesn't support it yet (a patch was produced but it's not be accepted yet).

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