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Comment Surprise.. (Score 1) 304

So CGI has stopped selling. What a surprise.

Things that have been forgotten by tv and movie industry:
- Best actors aren't always young and pretty. Characters need character.
- Good scripts cannot be mass produced with real time ratings as a driving force.
- Best tv series usually have a bad first season, maybe even second season. Tv series is a long time investment.
-- NEVER just pull a plug on series. NEVER. Always make a closing episode. Always bury your creations properly.
- Staying true to the genre creates markets. You cannot please everyone at the same time. Specially important when designing spinoffs.

Just my opinion. I'm usually more wrong than right. But I keep changing my opinion until I'm right.

Comment Teleporters (Score 1) 269

Horrifying thought about hypothetical future teleporters (old idea I probably read somewhere): They only transmit a full, perfect copy of you, and the original you is disassembled in the process. In other words, you are executed when you step in the teleporter, and a copy of you opens it's eyes for the first time at the other end. Unless of course the future teleporters actually transmit the matter to other end. In any case, I'll never step in one of those things :) Futurama's suicide booths come to mind..

Comment Sort of old idea (Score 1) 243

Have been doing similar devices to friends for many years.. For eg. device with three AA batteries, one battery is replaced with small 4.5V switcher power supply (with small ground wire to first battery). Keeps constant 4.5V output until batteries are very dead. Was specially useful with old flashlights, you could increase voltage to bulb limits and turn old Maglite to light cannon :D Well okay, maybe not that impressive, but better still..

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