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Comment Re:Ummm... (Score 3, Informative) 387

I started working with Linux in 1995 and have almost completely abandoned Windows since 2000 or so. However, I still have to do some occasional work in Windows, and I always feel how painful and difficult it is compared to a Unix-like system.

Too bad you left Windows just when it got good.

And how about filesystems? The simple fact that the directory separator is the backslash, which is used as the escape sequence initiator in C-like languages, is a PITA. Plus you are limited to 26 different filesystems, one for each alphabet letter. And you cannot use a name for mount points, just one letter.

Actually, NTFS has allowed you to mount to directories for a decade or so now. That provides for more than 26 filesystems and also for nice names. As for backslash, yes it's an escape character in C languages. Linux uses forward slash, which is the default delimiter for regular expressions. Which gets used more often?

I could go on and on, for any professional systems administrator, Unix is far superior to Windows, there is no doubt about that. It's only for home computers that familiarity is a convenience, professionals can be readily trained to use a system that's intrinsically easier to use.

Wait, you're a professional system administrator? Maybe you should learn something about the systems you administer. As it is, I can't imagine you do a very good job.

According to the manufacturer, it's by customer demand that they use Windows for the workstations.

I'm sure you never stopped to consider that there might be a reason for that other than stupidity. Windows can be far, far more productive than Linux for anything other than running a server or using the command shell. Two strengths do not victory make.

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