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Comment Missing the point... (Score 1) 291

Most are missing the point of MS supporting this. It's all about the $ in licensing fees of VMware vs. Microsoft. Windows shops pay for windows licenses and always will have to if they want/have to use the OS. Microsoft recognizes that a lot of shops are probably mixed and are attempting to reverse the pay for VMware and drop Windows path that a lot of people are taking. They are offering the MS alternative, use Hyper-V and get Linux support without a VMware tax. Of course, others would say, its like pay MS and VMware tax and yes that is true as well. But in the end, for a business time is money. Being able to have an army of technical people motivated by real money supporting a product versus all us wonderful /. users telling them how they are doing it wrong in the world on Linux is what makes the world go round.

Comment Re:Wait, carbon trading wasn't a scam to BEGIN wit (Score 1) 228

So, this is how I roughly understand the whole carbon credits thing is supposed to work. Am I right here? And does the real-world application work like this model, or is it rife with corruption, bureaucracy, and an inability to accomplish its stated goals like every other government project? Have their been any studies on the effectiveness of such a system?

The certification of carbon credits is taken very seriously and there are, according to the UNFCCC Parties & Observers, "Over 1,297 NGOs and 83 IGOs are admitted as observers." Further, carbon emissions especially from manufactures is fairly standard science. Fuel input + burn rate = carbon emission rate. The statistics are held not only on the scrubbers but the input valves as well. Also, it is reported by the fuel companies how much fuel they are selling and where it is being passed off. All this put together, along with thousands of NGO interests, allows the market to have enough watchdogs to prevent serious abuse. The key to carbon credits in the US is that you need a verification and certification process behind the carbon creditors. Again, NGO and even government regulation can go a long way towards certifying and making the market more transparent.

Comment Re:Conservatives against Wikileaks.. (Score 2) 810

Another thought here is that the local populace would be up in arms if our state was secretly communicating or making deals with others without the voters knowledge. Transparency is very important to people on a local level is seems but make it national and it's, "oh I don't have time to worry or they know what they are doing." Put it in a local scene and people would be demanding resignation.

Comment Re:As a US Citizen, (Score 1) 586

You run the risk of the ones you do business with disassociating themselves with you. Perhaps a little FBI file will open up. Either way, until they find you doing something else wrong you are fine. Only those who are allowed access to classified documents can know what true classified documents are and only they can leak illegally obtain the documents. If documents are found on a street and someone finds them, it is not they who have broken the law but those who left the documents there. If they are given to you, it is not your fault but it of that person that gave them to you. IANAL but having wikileaks isn't going to end you up in court. I saw a editorial cartoon today with santa looking at the computer, fuming. The caption said, "Wikileaks released his entire 'naught and nice' list..." R. MeKee.

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