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Comment Re:Just like finding a crashed airliner under the (Score 2) 296

Diesel subs are very difficult to track. Much harder than nuclear subs. While submerged. The Achilles heel of diesel subs is that their speed and range is severely limited while underwater, because they have to operate on batteries.

However, there are tricks you can play to get around that. Carrying the sub underneath an innocent looking surface ship until you get close enough for it to make the trip underwater, for example. But a shipping container would probably be easier for a first strike.

Comment Re:Not exactly direct evidence (Score 1) 156

The residual strong force, yes. We'd definitely see neutrons in dark matter proportions in particle searches, but they can fit a lot of the cosmological observations because they don't interact electromagnetically. Both the neutron and neutrino were theoretical objects before they were discovered, just like dark matter particles are today. There's nothing magic about new particles that are hard to detect, make theories work properly, and are later discovered.

The neutron was actually discovered just before the first evidence for dark matter. Someone must have thought the two might be connected in the 1930s.

Comment Re:Society is not ready (Score 1) 52

When we're finally forced to give up the fantasy of wealth redistribution through employment we'll have to come up with a better system. That will probably involve some nastiness. But we'll be the better for it.

It's not really new territory, we've been through it before. It's just that this time the usual solution, make-work, is probably going to be so obviously ridiculous nobody will buy it.

Comment Re:misleading nonsense about fantasy matter (Score 1) 156

The aether story is overly simplified by people who don't understand history or physics.

Classical aether was disproven (sort of) by the Michaelson-Morely experiments. There were also contemporary proposals for aether that were compatible with those observations, and in fact are compatible with special relativity. Modern quantum field theory is essentially a relativistic, quantum aether theory: fields that permeate all of space, one for each particle.

Comment Re:Not against dark matter (Score 1) 156

Lots of physicists have written about why dark matter is a more attractive option than modified gravity. Measurement error is highly unlikely: the story is consistent across a wide variety of different types of measurements, many of them very basic. Cluster motion and galactic rotation curves require that you believe in the Doppler effect and spectroscopy. Gravitation lensing experiments require that you believe gravity bends light.

The biggest strike against particle dark matter is that we haven't found any particles yet. The alternative, modifying gravity, isn't nearly as simple as that phrase makes it sound. You can't really just modify gravity, as MOND tried to do, because there's no way to make that fit all the data. You have to add additional fields, essentially adding new forces like, but not the same as, gravity. Weirdly, those forces have to be concentrated where the normal matter isn't to explain galactic clusters.

Comment Re:clearly the truckers are right (Score 1) 331

My reading of those instructions are that you shouldn't use an Oxford comma in Maine law (fine) but if you find yourself in a situation where the meaning is ambiguous then you should rewrite the sentence to be clear. Which would leave the interpretation of the law as written in the favour of the truckers.

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