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Comment Interesting possibilities (Score 2) 155

Yeah I've been following this for a while as well. I was originally confused by the purpose of the PCMCIA card, but it eventually came through in my mind the idea that the PCMCIA card shaped object is just a REALLY EASILY replaceable motherboard that plugs in to a host device. Granted it's not a PCMCIA card, and it's not called a PCMCIA card.

I like the premise. Buy a barebones laptop shell, plug in the EOMA-68 card device, and boot up. Or plug it into some other type of form factor. Inside of a TV. Inside a media player device. Inside a tablet. So many options. This could be big.

Assuming this uses the Allwinner A10 chip, What is the status of decent hardware video decoding support?

Frankly the fact that they put gigabit ethernet on board is pretty awesome. That's not something that comes with the SoC.

If you did put it in a device shaped like a laptop, would you be able to add more ram, upgrade the wifi card, etc, like a normal laptop or are you stuck with what's on board? Not sure how the card deals with expandability.

Still, if this catches on, maybe RMS will finally be able to move up from his yeeloong lemote

Comment It drives me crazy (Score 4, Insightful) 143

Why can't they offer a vetting process for apps? Not everything needs the "Google seal of approval", but having a google verified or trusted apps icon appear on an app might alleviate some of the problems, or at least the perception of the google market store (I can't call it google play store, it's just stupid) being a haven for malware and cheap ripoffs.

In fact, this could be a policy that a third party app store could institute. It would be interesting to see it happen, as they could potentially become more popular than Google's own store.

Comment Re:I just switched from MTS to Rogers (Score 0) 53

i did the opposite and now I'm with MTS unlimited 3G data for $75/month. Rogers refuses to offer that option so they can DIAF. Granted I brought my own unlocked Android phone so I'm on month to month.. but that's a bonus as well. MTS's biggest failure is in their still pathetic phone selection. I almost think someone at RIM is a major shareholder and refuses to let them offer anything that isn't a blackberry.

Comment Re:Lesson of the day: (Score 1) 271

Your problem is with your legislature, a corrupt shower of bastards voted in by an ignorant population.

Which is made up predominately with lawyers.

Lawyers who use lawyer speak and care not for what is right for society, but with technicalities and winning arguments and power using them.

Comment Re:Just what I've been looking for... (Score 1) 199

It'd be nice if they also threw in a digital optical s/pdif output on it. But either way, I can now use the PCI slot for this, take out the broadcom decoder mini Pci-e card and use it elsewhere, and put the wireless card in the mini pci-e slot rather than a pci -> mini pci-e adapter. Only problem is now I gotta wait. Do they have an ETA or price estimate anywhere yet?

This may just end up as a hot seller.

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