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Submission + - Hub-And-Spoke VPN design with overlapping subnets? 2

Redlazer writes: We're having some trouble finding a way to handle the VPN connections our client's establish with us in a scalable way.

As it stands now, if we add two clients who use the same subnet (two 192.168.1.x networks, quite common), we'll have to add another VPN box. This is obviously not very scalable.

Cisco and Juniper mention this scenario, but I could only find LAN-to-LAN implementations.

Does anyone have any experience working with this sort of problem? What was your solution?

Submission + - Windows 7's New Draconion DRM Not New Or Draconian

Redlazer writes: It was reported on /. around a week ago that Windows 7 had some crazy new DRM was not only protecting a user's installation of Photoshop, but also boasted (intentionally) crippled audio card drivers, among other things.

The piece was referenced in an article on Ars Technica, which noted its inaccuracies and misleading, inflationary, and innacurate claims.

Submission + - More Control Over How "Random" Playlists A

Redlazer writes: "I've been wanting for quite a while more control over how "random" my media players are.

A few Google searches for something of the sort turns up little — has anyone been able to locate one of these?

We all have songs we love, but don't want to listen to them every 5 seconds, and I've frankly had it. Plus, I've hosted a few parties, and I've gotten a few comments on "Why does this song play so often?" as well as the more tech-savvy crowd looking for a similar tool.

If I can be picky, I'd like a plugin for Windows Media Player — but I also use VLC. And, I won't be afraid to try out another program I haven't thought of, if it has the feature.

The iPod's failings in this regard is listed here, so this makes me assume this a relatively common annoyance."

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