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Comment Re:Are We That Resistant to Change? (Score 1) 134

That is exactly what I think.

Yes Gnome 3 is different from the good old Windows 95 paradigm. But like tablets and phone, it's just more intuitive. I installed Linux for my parents because they are real computer noobs that have big problems at understanding anything related to computer. And yes gnome changed it all, it's REALLY simpler to use.

I use it too for myself, yes it's much more fun to use on a laptop because yes it's easier to use with a keyboard only that the old systems.

I won't say it's perfect, there is a lot of small details that I would change, but I really think that the real problem is that people are resistant to change and never gives a real try. I agree it's hard at first...

Comment Re:Protecting us from the stupid (Score 1) 321

You'r right, Google should just put a check box "don't ask for the next 30 min".

But my point is that in the android world, you can setup a user account that is not bound to your google account. You can select the applications that this account is able to use, and no in-app transaction is possible from there. You can still do in-app transactions from the main account and it will be available from the other account.

Still it's only possible on tablets, not on phones, because phones are considered single user device...

I have no child (for now) but, that's how I'd do it. That's how I did for my guest account.

It was more a suggestion, like a good practice, I don't want anyone to have access to my mails and everything anyway !!

Submission + - Facebook is Dead and Buried: Survey (

retroworks writes: A study of how teenagers use social media has found that Facebook is “not just on the slide, it is basically dead and buried”, but that the network is morphing into a tool for keeping in touch with older family members

Comment Re:Gingrich & Huckabee Weigh In (Score 1) 1168

I won't say "The guns are the problem", but the argument you use is against your thesis.

Without Guns, like the school attacks in China prove, there is far less victims. For something like 10 attacks, there is "only" 21 death.

Without Guns, the real problem, the lack of treatment of mentally ill, would cause far less victims.

I agree, guns are not the problem, but guns have a part to play in the problem... at least on the number of death. Guns are MADE to kill, and they do it better than a knife. You could argu : "But a bomb could kill as much.", but until america don't "promote" bombs as much as much as the guns are "promoted", mentally ill won't think about using a bomb and they won't already have one in there hands because "it's their right"

Comment Re:When is it ok to discuss gun proliferation? (Score 1) 2987

This is a classic XY problem. "X" is "wants to stop random violence". "Y" is "wants to ban guns". "Y" doesn't fix "X".

I think the equation is more something like : X=Y*Z Where : X is "probability of random violence" Y is "access to guns and/or any other tool to kill" Z is "mental illness" I think that the real problem is with Z, and that's where most efforts should be put. But, that doesn't mean that reducing Y won't have any impact on X. One thing for sure it will help at having less dead victims.

Classic Games (Games)

Fan-Developed Ultima VI Remake Released 161

An anonymous reader writes "20 years after the original game launched, a fan-developed Ultima 6 remake has finally been released! The Ultima 6 Project was formed in 2001 by Sliding Dragon to develop a remake of Origin's Ultima VI: The False Prophet with newer graphics and a more immersive engine. Soon assembled under the banner Archon, the team members, who hail from all over the globe, have set about recreating the world of Britannia, adding an enhanced storyline to bolster intraseries continuity and building on the Ultima legacy in a way that will please fans new and old."
The Courts

Brain-Scan Lie Detection Rejected By Brooklyn Court 197

blair1q writes "A judge in Brooklyn has excluded Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) lie-detector evidence from a trial there. However, the decision will not set a precedent, as it was made without even conducting a hearing on the method's validity, but on the principle, argued by the defense, that 'juries are supposed to decide the credibility of the witness, and fMRI lie detection, even if it could be proven completely accurate, infringes on that right.' That principle can be tested in later hearings, such as one scheduled for May 13, 2010, in Tennessee; in this case, the defense wants to use fMRI evidence it has already collected to prove its client is innocent. fMRI has been shown to be 76-90% accurate. That number seems significantly larger than the rate of false convictions."

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