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Comment Re: Closed source... (Score 1) 51

Remember AMD doesn't have the resources to put a full staff on this yet. Hopefully with zen they'll get enough market share to put more time into it. I don't get why people talk crap about OSS. In the past they have released it and said add code and no one did, so I can see why they take their time.

Comment Re: in an attempt to explain this to others.... (Score 1) 532

This is so true haha best post of the day. I can't count the number of apple users that say they are "techie" and "program". Just to find out they never have finished a program or website yet alone release one. Then I ask myself so why am I fixing it? if your so tech savy? It's part of the trendy apple culture. Don't get me wrong I have seen exceptions.

Comment Re: single precision is for marketing (Score 1, Interesting) 45

Funny how nvidia won't share anything or help the market but they'll take everyone else's tech and use it lol. I want karma to catch up to nvidia so maybe they'll think twice about trying to pull one or charge high prices on its customers again. Only reason customers needed the new 900 series is because they pulled some seriously shady stuff with the studios.

Comment Re: Translation:quit optimizing for Intel technolo (Score 1) 152

Amd is trying to do the right thing and keep the market moving into a better standard. Nvidia pays under the table to developers and gives away tons of free stuff so these game companies would use them. Nivida is closed source and how they work with the industry is killing pc vs console. Note that nvidia said they are going to use AMDs new hardware standard yet give nothing back. That's how they roll.... Take all and give us higher prices. Amd does it for money but at least they are trying to do the right thing. It's better than not trying at all....

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