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Journal Journal: Should Celebrities Speak out or Shut up?

I posted a story on Mediagab yesterday morning regarding the debate of whether celebrities should speak out. Do celebrities hold an unfair advantage by being able to draw an audience? Did Michael Moore go over board or was he out of line at the Oscars for the comments he made. Check out the story and the debate that raged below it.


Journal Journal: This week on MediaGab

MediaGab is getting an influx of traffic and new users. Thanks for visiting. Some cool new items that can be found on MediaGab are 50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Tryin, John Grishams - The King of Torts and Big Fat Greek Wedding.

As always you can also find the books that were reviewed on Slashdot at a cheaper price on MediaGab.

If you haven't checked out MediaGab lately check out the latest stories:

Selling snow to the Siberians
Adam Rich Charged with DUI
New Splinter Cell Mission for Xbox
Crazy Mikes Go Head to Head
Ozzfest 2003 Announced

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Journal Journal: Site News 3

        Well allot has been happening on the site. We just added two new site skins for you to choose from. "X-Ray" is a Internet Explorer only skin that was submitted by user ebello. We also added "Qourier" which was submitted by 'quote'. These guys did an excellent job. Remember that you can change your skin by going to your preferences which is located on the right when you are on MediaGab when you are logged in.

        In case you didn't know is an official news source on Google News ( Look for us in the Entertainment section.

        Monday, January 27th will be our two month anniversary since going live. This past month we have really increased our traffic and number of users. We are up to 35 registered users and we get about 5000 visitors a day that come to just read. We couldn't be happier. Since there are more users we have added a users page where you can see what other users are posting when they last logged in how many comment, stories/reviews they have posted. Just click on a users name to see their information.

        In the past couple of weeks it was announced that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Book 5) would be available June 21, 2003. It quickly became the number one best seller. You can reserve your copy by click on this link

Have you been to the site lately? Here are some of the recent stories that were on the site:

New MediaGab Skins

Jay-Z Says he will Quit

Actress and Singer Nell Carter Dies at 54

'Metroid' the Movie?

Medal of Valor: Vietnam Announced for Xbox and PC

R. Kelly Next Victim in Child Porn

Is Joe Millionaire fake? or is he fake?

Emoticonic Justice?

Phantom Game Console

Top Ten Video Games in December

DVD's Released Today

Matt LeBlanc in Friends Spinoff?

Police Release Tape of Diana Ross Arrest

Jackson 5 reunion not as easy as "ABC"


Journal Journal: 'About Schmidt'

I am saw "About Schmidt" over the weekend. Awesome movie. I wrote a review on MediaGab that you can read here.

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Journal Journal: Emergency Room Visit 2

I had to go to the Emergency Room last night. I was suffering from chest pains all day so I left work early and went to the ER. They did all sorts of tests. EKG, Chest X-Rays, Blood tests but they couldn't find anything wrong which is good. But I still feel the paind and I don't know what they are. Everybody is all worried about me now which I don't like. I mean it is great that everyone cares about me but I hate making people worry. There are other things for people to worry about then little 'ol me.


Journal Journal: MIT to Develop "nanotechnology" Military Uniform 2

MIT was awarded a five year $50 million dollar grant to develop a military uniform that would make soldiers invisible, grant super-human strength and provide instant medical treatment. Or better known in Quake 3 as the Invisibility, Quad Damage and Med-kit power-ups. The suits would be achieved by developing particle-sized materials and devices called "nanotechnoloy", nestled into the uniforms fabric. Supercharged shoes could release energy when soldiers jump, propelling them over a 20-foot wall. Or rocket jumping without the splash damage.

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Journal Journal: Yay

Moderator Access again. I am getting it like once every week

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