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Submission + - Texas judge tosses out patent claim against Linux (

netbuzz writes: "A federal judge in Texas, presiding over a district notorious for favoring patent trolls, has summarily dismissed all claims relating to a case brought by Uniloc USA against Rackspace for allegedly infringing upon Linux patents. Red Hat defended Rackspace in the matter and issued a press release saying: “In dismissing the case, Chief Judge Leonard Davis found that Uniloc’s claim was unpatentable under Supreme Court case law that prohibits the patenting of mathematical algorithms. This is the first reported instance in which the Eastern District of Texas has granted an early motion to dismiss finding a patent invalid because it claimed unpatentable subject matter.”"

Comment Fedora on Mac (Score 1) 965

I liked the MacBook Air form factor, but not the OS so I blew away MacOS completely and replaced it with Fedora 17. Overall it's been great, it "just works." Gnome 3 works well on it and fully integrates with the brightness and volume buttons without issue. I did however install a few Gnome extensions like Axe Menu, Alternate Tab, and Task bar, now it's not unlike any desktop I've grown used to. Libvert also works well on it allowing me to build test servers when I need. Overall it's a 95+% solution for me.

Comment Re:Project Byzantium? (Score 1) 200

>> But if you COULD have a doctor there, without messing with Skype or a webcam, would you think that's a bad idea?

> The doctor is at the hospital, treating the other patients who may have life-threatening injuries. You're suggesting the doctor step away from those duties to help the EMTs perform... basic triage?

As a former EMT I would also point out there is a reason a doctor is in a hospital, not an ambulance. Doctors are very well trained at what they do, and they are used to having many tools at their hands in the hospital, but in the field none of those tools exist. I have said this before to many people, those who work in a hospital can be some of the worst people to provide assistance in the field as a citizen responder. This is a paradox, the best trained person is the worst person to provide assistance at a car wreck they just witnessed? But it's true. EMTs focus on the basics to get the patient to advanced care quickly (Platinum 10, golden hour). In addition doctors and nurses are not used to thinking about things like scene safety and how they could become another victim. Lastly let's say you had the hospital in a box and you could move the patient into this immediately after the accident etc, the first thing they will be doing is stabilizing, after that is done *then* they consider diagnosis and treatment.

CHAOS = Chief Has Arrived On Scene.

Comment Re:Weigh with average income (Score 4, Insightful) 195

And to bring the comparison full circle, the Big Mac Index from January 2012 showed Latvia to be -30% parity. Meaning if you were to adjust the price to US Dollars it would cost an equivalent of about US$15-16 in the US.

The index can be found here:

Comment Re:So.... (Score -1, Troll) 828

Puts on the Devil's advocate mask...

Statistics show that if the victim has a firearm, there's a greater chance of either he/she or the people near the victim being wounded. Homicides should drop in this context.

As for number 2... nope, nothing on that, it's Venezuela after all...

Tell that to Susanna Hupp after the Luby's shooting. She watched a gunman shoot both of her parents, while her gun was lawfully elsewhere, it was illegal at the time to conceal carry in Texas.

Statistics show taking guns away causes an increase in violent crime... See Australia and England
Statistics show that allowing for more lawful firearm posession (concealed carry) tends to reduce violent crime... See Florida, Texas etc.

The bottom line really comes down to this... Do you want to have a 100% guarantee that a criminal can shoot you with impunity, or a chance to protect your life... Tell that to Susanna Hupp after the Luby's shooting.

Comment Re:More (Score 5, Interesting) 227

While technically true, this argument does fall apart when a company such as Oracle rebrands RHEL into OEL, then goes on the offensive against RHEL/Red Hat when they don't have much of a team of developers to continue developing OEL should the hypothetical, but very unlikely, situation of Red Hat going away. In a situation such as that it's kind of like Oracle is biting the hand that feeds it.... CentOS on the other hand rebrands RHEL, but does not try to present themselves as the main proprietor of the distribution. In addition the CentOS community does try to push bug reports upstream when possible.

Comment Re:Umm (Score 2, Informative) 227

Not quite....

Technically, Red Hat's "product" is a compiled copy the Linux kernel and associated Open Source Packages required to create a working operating system. Yes the source is free, and Red Hat does follow through on the GPL obligations, but on it's own the source is useless, you can't actually use it without you or someone else spending the time and effort to compile it first. Thus Red Hat is "selling" a compiled and packaged form of the associated source code, however it's sold in the form of a subscription which includes access to software updates and some level of support.

Comment Re:Let's hear it for the 1%ers! (Score 4, Insightful) 227

I love Linux (lowercase l), and RedHat does good things - worthy of being a going-growing concern. "Winning the war", they are not.

Red Hat has a poster in almost every office quoting Ghandi:
First they ignore You
Then they laugh at you
They they fight you
Then you win.

That quote permeates most of Red Hat Culture.

Comment Red Hat also announced some donations (Score 5, Informative) 227

Red Hat also announced that they will be donating $100,000 to each of the following organizations; Creative Commons, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Software Freedom Law Center and UNICEF Innovation Labs.

Red Hat Software

Submission + - Red Hat breaks the billion dollar mark (

Red Storm writes: On Wednesday March 28, 2012 Red Hat released their earnings for the fourth quarter and the overall fiscal year results, making them the first Open Source company to have more than US$1 Billion in revenue. With it the Linux community has been able to thumb their nose at previous statements about Linux not being viable. In addition Red Hat has announced they would be repurchasing US$300 Million in shares. Red Hat has also announced that they will be donating US$100,000 each to the following organizations; Creative Commons, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Software Freedom Law Center and UNICEF Innovation Labs.

Comment Don't look at just the computer... (Score 2) 387

If you're worried about a user jumping out of your app and then searching the Internet, and you're in a a testing setting, you should be looking at a wholistic approach.

Your students will break your application, it's only a matter of time. Use other approaches to make this a useless option.

1) Don't allow any Internet access from the network layer, at all, this includes DNS servers. Ideally your systems should be on a completely disconnected network, meaning there are absolutely no external network connections.

2) Use SELinux to lock down your system. SELinux uses a mandatory permissions model, meaning you *must* be granted permission to be able to do anything.

3) Lock down alternative means of cheating. Cell phones, paper notes and so forth.

4) Follow through with punishing cheating in an appropriate manner.

5) Listen to the feedback of your users (Instructors and Students). This may seem counter intuitive, but it can help you build a better system.

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