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Submission + - Need: Fake Polaroid Paper ( 1

RecycledElectrons writes: I've seen images that look like polaroids on the web, and anyone can GIMP one up. My question is not about a fake that can be seen on a PC. My question is: Where can I get inkjet or laser paper that looks like old Polaroid Instant Film? I'd love to drop a photo of bigfoot into mom's yellowstone vacation album.
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - No way to compare video cards, processors, etc.

RecycledElectrons writes: "Ask Slashdot: I'm about to buy a new PC, and care about very specific things. There is no site that I can find that lets me compare decently.

I want a dual core processor, so that if one task goes crazy, my mouse will still move. I need virtualization of 64 bit systems under VMWare, which means certain early revisions of certain 64 bit processors are out (e.g., nothing before Revision D of an Athalon 64.) There is not a place that I can find that will let me check off what I want in that detail, and then lets me see what processors are available.

I want a multi-head video card, but even the manufacturers fail to tell me if I can run 2 different heads off the 2 connectors (usually DVI and RGB) at once.

I need compatibility with Linux — why can't just one site tell me if everything works togeather?

I need a mother board with very specific features. Why do I have to scour every ad, looking for DDR specs, slots, etc. I want a board that I can install 4 gigs of dual channel DDR400 RAM, with room to grow to 16 gigs, that has a hardware RAID-5 IDE or SATA controller that looks like a single drive to the OS, at least 1 PCI Express 16 slot, and at least 3 traditional PCI slots. Why can't I just check off the features I want, and find the boards that match? Or, is there a site out there that I missed?

For software, I'm sick of digging through meaningless reviews. I need a program that runs under XP Pro (for a school computer) that will let me burn to 4 DVD DL drives at once, and that supports DAA image files. I do not want to buy 15 coppies of garbage to find out if it works.


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