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Comment Took my son's graphics card off line (Score 1) 254

A Windows 10 update removed ALL of the graphics drivers for my son's GTX-1080. This despite trying to block them as much as possible.

Fortunately it was a small matter for the tech-savvy kid to reinstall them, and if not, I could have managed, but imaging if we had been clueless consumers spending significant cash on a gaming PC, that Microsoft now "broke".

I think the next time it happens I will send them a bill for our time: I consult at $350 an he at $175 an hour.

Comment Does encryption render this meaningless (Score 1) 104

I know a guy who knows a guy who does the following to help protect his torrenting actions... 1) he uses a blocklist of the known IPs of the MPAA, RIAA, their attorneys, and media content owners (ie: NBC)... 2) has his torrent client configured to be encrypted and only connect to encrypted peers... 3) uses a free VPN service and routes all traffic through the VPN in a foreign country while torrenting. So I'm curious... does the above detection in the patent still have bearing with what is essentially double-encrypted? Is my friend's friend flirting with danger but doens't realize it? And if encryption is the answer... at what point do we start telling all torrent client dev's to default to only talking to encrypted peers?

Comment Or when the manager... (Score 1) 407

says Farah. "It is not hard to imagine a supervisor telling employees that this is the standard they should aspire to in their work, however they manage to do it (hint, hint)..." How 'bout what happens when its the supervisor using the enhancing drugs and decides that everyone else needs to be just as productive as he/she is? So the underlings have to use more of the enhancements to be productive enough to get noticed and promoted while those who choose not to tweak their brain chemistry will never be able to compete and will be seen as failures or inefficient managers of their time.

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