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Comment Re:Makes up for all the things lacking in iPad1? (Score 1) 432

I respectfully disagree with you. Host USB is a hard requirement for me. What if I want to use it to download pictures from my camera, to edit up and email them around? Or say I wanted to watch a movie? There is a finite amount of space on the iPad & iPad2. External storage helps work around this limitation. HDMI out, in an easy form, is important. I often give presentations, so being able to hook it to a projector will make things work nicely.

Comment Replicator / Transporter (Score 1) 633

Aren't these really just two similar technologies, applied in radically different ways? The transporter takes matter, converts it to energy, sends it somewhere at the speed of light, and then converts it back to matter. The replicator just takes energy and converts it into matter. I chose transporter for that reason. That, and "warp drive" without "inertial dampening" will just SUCK.

Comment Re:The summary (Score 1) 305

My apologies. Part of that is my own warped sense of humor, part of it is a direct quote from SANS.
I'll endeavor to work better/worse humor into future submissions.

*Note to self: Must work harder on pleasing all of the people all of the time*

Submission + - New IE Zero Day (

RebootKid writes: Microsoft has released a notice about a new zero day attack against Internet Explorer. Guess it's going to be more a "Script Kiddie Christmas" less "White Christmas"
"Ok, fess up who asked for an IE 0 day for Christmas? I'm guessing Santa got his lumps of coal mixed up with a bag of exploits.
This exploit has been discussed over the last day or so on full disclosure and a number of other sites. Metasploit already has a module available for it (just search for CSS & IE). Microsoft has put out an advisory 2488013 regarding the issue ( The issue manifests itself when a specially crafted web page is used and could result in remote code execution on the client. "

Submission + - Grandjury sans indictment ends opiod/pain advocacy (

An anonymous reader writes: Without indictment, a grand jury in Kansas has bankrupted and effectively silenced the Pain Relief Network for opposing the prosecution of a doctor who provided high-dose opiate prescriptions to sufferers of chronic pain. The group's founder Siobhan Reynolds has been under investigation for a publicity campaign against the prosecution of the now-convicted "pill mill" doctor. Reynolds took out a billboard against the prosecution, and the prosecutor responded with a grand jury subpoena of all records relating to her previous support of other doctors by pretrial coaching and by organization of patients on their behalf. Due to Grand Jury secrecy rules, all internal proceedings as well as those related to the subpoena challenged have been sealed. The subpoena challenge was upheld by the 10th Circuit and declined by the Supreme Court while the grand jury investigation continues.

Submission + - MS warns over zero-day IE bug (

EwaldvonKleist writes: "If the style sheet imports itself — something which would not normally be useful, since the CSS file is already loaded — then IE makes a mess of memory. This can be exploited to cause remotely-supplied code to be run without the usual security checks associated with IE downloads" link

Submission + - MegaUpload Dares RIAA to Sue Them (

Dangerous_Minds writes: Yesterday, there were reports that the RIAA and MPAA were working with Mastercard to cut off payments to so-called "rogue-websites" like MegaUpload. Today, a spokesperson from MegaUpload issued a response to the RIAA on ZeroPaid. Bonnie Lam of MegaUpload said, "the vast majority of our revenue is coming from advertising" She also said, "Megaupload is a legitimate business operating within the boundaries of the law. In five years of operation we have not been sued by a single content owner. If the RIAA or MPAA would have legal grounds they would have taken us to court by now. We suggest that they attack us within the legal system and stop labeling us until they have something to show."

Comment Why? (Score 1) 1270

So I guess I'm sitting here thinking, "Why?"
Really, what's the point in going back if you can't go forward again.

Sure, go back, invest, it won't do you a lick of good. You'll basically be dead to the people you left behind in the future. It is nothing more than a novel method of suicide. You could just as easily buy a big life insurance policy, and go back to see %big_historical_thing% or whatever, and achieve the same results.

Comment Re:He got lucky. (Score 1) 486

The point about him risking his children was more about putting the good of the many (the dozens of people potentially injured if the truck was allowed to continue its course) ahead of the good of the few (The people in his car)

Was there risk involved, certainly. That said, it was still the right thing to do.
From the article, it says that he'd seen the truck side-swipe a barrier already. He had a reasonable assurance that the driver was incapacitated to the point where he would not rouse.
He did what I think is the most reasonable and responsible action given the known information. I am sorry that you feel differently.

Comment Re:If I was his passenger (Score 2, Insightful) 486

Get your head around this: His passengers were his children.
However, knowing the physics, the risk to them was minimal. The only question would have been if his brakes could have held the pressure of two vehicles instead of one.

I still salute the guy. He saved a bunch of people, and did what was right. We need more people like him, and less people who want to "not get involved" because they might get hurt.

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