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Submission + - ACTA rejected by European Parliament (

swinferno writes: The European Parliament has voted to reject the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (Acta).

The proposed agreement sought to curb piracy, but internet campaigners said it posed a threat to online freedoms.

The rejection vote followed a failed attempt to postpone the decision because of ongoing investigations into Acta by the European Court of Justice.

The votes were: 478 against, 39 in favour and 165 blank.

Comment "But what do you do?" (NB: Not a trolling attempt) (Score -1, Troll) 84

You assume the FAA and NTSB can investigate the incident objectively? No? Sheesh, can the US become more of a third world country? I guess they can refuse to investigate unless they get paid by an "interested party", but that's about it. Seriously? You can't investigate objectively because the people involved were in your organisation? What would happen if a medical doctor ever became hurt by another doctor? Send them to Canada?

Comment Translation (Score 1) 338

"my client needs easily read evidence (Such as text or screenshots) he can use as proof in discussion with his family to try and intercede in any potentially harmful transactions." You don't need "proof" in a real discussion. Also, by the time you've captured and read any proof, it's already too late to "intercede harmful transactions". Translation: "I casually mention 'client' so many times I probably don't have one. How do I spy on my family without the need to actually talk to them?" (Also: Isn't (currently-plummeting) Facebook and others moving towards default-encryption?)

Submission + - ACTA ill-defined and poorly worded, says European data privacy watchdog (

Qedward writes: Hopefully this is the final nail in the ACTA coffin:

The European Data Protection Supervisor, Europe's top data privacy watchdog, has strongly criticised the international anticounterfeiting trade agreement (ACTA), warning that it could lead to widespread monitoring of the internet and breaches of individuals' right to privacy.

The agreement is poorly worded, lacks precision about what measures could be used to tackle infringement of intellectual property rights online and could result in the processing of personal data by ISPs that goes beyond what is allowed under EU law, the EDPS said in a 16-page opinion published today.

The opinion also says that ACTA does not contain "sufficient limitations and safeguards, such as effective judicial protection, due process, the principle of the presumption of innocence, and the right to privacy and data protection." It also warns that many of the measures to strengthen intellectual property enforcement online could involve "the large scale monitoring of users' behaviour and of their electronic communications" including emails, private peer-to-peer file sharing and websites visited...

Submission + - Can downloaded software be resold? ECJ Advocate General says yes. ( 1

h3rr d0kt0r writes: Interesting opinion of the European Court of Justice Ives Bot in a proceeding initiated by Oracle against Usedsoft.
The opinion is on the principle of exaustion" (in USA "first sale doctrine").
The aim of the principle of exhaustion is to strike a balance between the necessary protection of intellectual property rights and the requirements of the free movement of goods.
The opinion of the ECJ Advocate General is that, yes, the software licensed for a lump sum and an unlimited period of time is — by all means — sold and may be resold.

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