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Comment Re:Could be worse...Is worse than u think... (Score 4, Interesting) 114

While this still could be worse, you are correct on one thing: Win2k in schools.

Spent the summer working at a local university. There was superfluous opportunity to embezzle a lot of money; as we were instituting their absolutely awful new HR software--which also meant I got to see how much all the bigwigs and upper-administrators (read: idiots puffed full of their own self importance) made off of hard-working students. (I was brought on as a Data Technician; not support or PC repair or what-have-you)

When the machines in our semi-secret office (All W2K) were infected with a virus (Don't ask me, I no longer remember, but I went & read the writeup @ symanted then, which told me it was able to cross-propogate through the network once it landed on one machine) I of course decided to quarantine the bastard myself first... I then realized what I had most feared--that these machines were all set up to Track who was using them; but not to actually restrict Anyone from Anything. Thats right, Joe Schmoe user could do anything he wanted; from registry-hacking to whatever your heart desired.

So; I managed to isolate this guy and the three other viruses that were wandering through the War-Room (thats what we called it); but I didn't purge, at this point I was too intrigued, so I summoned the IT guys.

4 hours later ONE guy (who looks like a plumber, and not even Mario) shows up, and begins, well, piddling (there's no other word for it.... he threw in an admin password and started checking completely unnecessary settings, then attempting to read the reports that their Tracking software creates, presumably to get to the root of the problem) with the machines after pretending he doesn't need me to tell him what I've done so far. His expression gets more and more bored, and after about another hour and a half, he tells my boss (one of them aforementioned admin-types) that he can't find anything wrong, and she should watch 'that new guy'.

I'm pretty sure they heard my jaw hit the floor on the other side of campus. A week later I had recieved the job offer I'd been counting on from the local cable service provider; and I headed for the hills, washing my hands of the whole situation, and terribly glad the only records tying my name to the lpace were strictly paper-based.

I checked in on it with a friend of mine who's a student there. He moved here from China, and is still a little unpolished with his english, but I heard this loud and clear: "Oh my FUCKING GOD man! Half the computers on campus are FUCKED!"

I can only assume that Mr. Plumber did not get anyone to look into the virus.

I have no idea how much that mistake cost the University; but I do know that once it was cleaned out, nothing changed. They are merrily running the exact same sytems setup the exact same way; probably every one of em mapped off the mirror sitting in the IT department.

So yes, I do believe that this could have MUCH wider-effect than you believe.

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