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Comment Mandate reporting when antibiotics are prescribed. (Score 3, Insightful) 75

Let's be completely honest here: overprescribing of antibiotics by physicians, especially when a patient obviously has a virus for which an antibiotic is useless, is partially to blame for the widespread prevalence of MR bugs. Use of specialized, last-resort antibiotics for routine infection is common.
The other factor is the unconscionable "prophylactic" use of antibiotics in farm animals to sustain flocks in overcrowded conditions and stimulate weight gain in cattle.
You, or someone you love, *will* develop an opportunistic, difficult to treat infection as a result of trying to keep beef and chicken prices low.

Comment Cavitation-induced Ignition (Score 2) 266

This paper has a pretty thorough analysis of igniting cryogenic fuels by the force of cavitation, that is, collapsing of bubbles that could, for example, form from the interaction of super-chilled LOx and LOx condensed from the atmosphere.
You don't need a bullet, or a ray gun, or even a rock to ignite cryo fuels under the right circumstances.
The shockwave from the failure of a pipe or weld could be enough to ignite the fuel.

Comment Re:Missing something from the so called 'summary'. (Score 1) 146

That must be a pretty nice rock you just crawled out from under.
For someone with such a low slashdot ID, you must not check in very often; just searching Slashdot for "theranos" returned 10 articles since 2013.
Holmes' spectacular rise and fall was the punchline of a joke in the season finale of HBO's Silicon Valley, so even Hollywood writers know who she is/was.

Comment It's not the delay, it's the poor UI. (Score 1) 225

In my USA experience, it's not the actual 4-6 seconds that my chip card transactions take,
it is the sluggish and confusing UIs on the terminals that fail to immediately note the card is present,
then appear to go blank, then display a poorly drawn "do not remove the card" splash,
which was obviously an afterthought added when the terminals were put in front of actual users.

The UI problems are obvious, as everywhere I go there are hand-drawn warnings and instructions taped to the terminals, because the device itself isn't clear or obvious.

That's why a well-thought UI like Apple Pay appears effortless in comparison.

And *why* is the chip slot located at the bottom of these terminals, at a weird angle almost parallel to the counter?
The hand motion required to position the card is uncomfortable and out of my sightline.
Why isn't there a "dip" slot at the top of the terminal, where the card could be inserted vertically?

Comment Re:Patent? (Score 3, Informative) 268

'Compatible' chips that report FTDI's USB Vendor ID (VID) and Product ID (PID). That way, they don't have to actually write their own driver and get it approved by MS.
So, when Windows interrogates the device, it appears to be FTDI, so Windows loads the FTDI driver.
That driver makes an undocumented call that only genuine FTDI chips will respond to correctly, so the driver can tell whether a knockoff part is attached.
Other legit serial chip makers use their own PID/VID, so it's not an issue with TI, Silabs, etc., only with 'Best Lucky Interface Ltd' parts.

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