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Comment Re:RTFA (Score 4, Interesting) 418

Been there, done that.

Walked out of a Best Buy some 17 or 18 years ago with a bunch of CD's I had intended to purchase. They sent us to get a keyboard for the PC we brought in (Who knew they wouldn't have any any AT keyboards or AT/PS2 adapters on hand?).

We got to the car and realized we'd skipped right through the anti-theft devices with nary a beep; went home and got the keyboard; and walked right back in with a cart full of CDs. We sure as heck got a really hard look from the guy at the entrance but when we told him what happened he laughed his ass off and turned on the anti-theft devices.

Comment Re:Plastic Discs (Score 1) 418

No doubt...

Sorry, I'll move with the tech, and if I get burned, I get burned; learn, and move along.

Netflix and Amazon Prime (mostly for the shipping) are enough for me right now. Dropped Cable and "ears" and haven't bought a "plastic disc" for going on 3 years now. Music is the same: Before GPMAA it was Pandora. Can't even remember the last CD I bought, but I'm pretty sure it was in the 90's or very early 00's.

Oh, and before you have to ask...I'm 39.

Comment Re:Just plain wrong. (Score 1) 324

"Android has two orders of magnitude more" ...than an unknown number that could be virtually *anything*.

More tripe...

Two orders of magnitude greater than 2 is what? (Don't hurt yourself...)

Nice try with the FUD. Swear more next time, though...I almost got the impression you weren't completely driven by irrational hate.

Comment Re:Just plain wrong. (Score 1) 324

Way to miss the point entirely. That had to take some real effort.

79% of what, smart-guy? "all malware attacks" is a meaningless number since they do not supply the actual number. They never have...and they never will. It's nothing more than a marketing ploy.

79% of 100?? 79% of 1,000,000,000?

79% of zero is still zero.

Comment Re:Just plain wrong. (Score 1) 324

How many more?

No; really. You're using the ratio as an argument - so what do you consider "many more"? What is that ratio? Where's your source for how many there are for each?

Problem is: Every single article ever written about "malware" for almost every mobile device has been written based on "percentages" given by malware companies. These percentages are never given with actual numbers that would make them meaningful in the least. 99% of...what??

Comment The summary is utter crap. (Score 5, Informative) 324

It wasn't a feature. It wasn't "released". It didn't debut in 4.3.

It was in the code for testing only, and never meant to be used outside of Google.

There is almost nothing about this summary that is correct.

But hey; good fodder for the haters to start crying "Foul!" about an OS they don't use....

Comment Re: This is the real danger (Score 1) 670


Oh, you're joking. I get it. You're playing the idiot.

I mean, your act here couldn't possibly *be* more the stereotypical non-parent... Spouting elitist garbage, acting like you know so much better than actual parents...regarding something about which you pretend to have *zero* experience or practical knowledge...

Clever. You almost had me. For a moment I thought there was actually someone out there that was still this incredibly stupid.

Comment Re:This is the real danger (Score 1) 670

I cannot believe people like you still exist....Welcome to the enlightened age. You're only about 200 years late...

"as stupid as being allowed to let a child carry on squawking in a public place without leaving to prevent it from annoying other people."

Sorry. You're in public. No-one is under any obligation to keep you free from annoyance.

Kids squak, rant, tanturm, and carry on all kinds of unholy hell. That's what *you* get for going out in *public*.

Sometimes, parents actually needs to get some shopping done, even if the child believes it must have the red shiny or die screaming about it.

Laws don't exist to make you feel comfortable and free from annoyance.

(There are a whole heck of a lot of names and vulgarities I refrained from using in this post. It required an inordinate amount of restraint. I am almost certain you won't appreciate that.)

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