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Comment makes it much easier? (Score 1) 43

I think it could possibly go wrong! Will it be dropped after then? Kinda' wrong! What about looters along the way? I don't think this is a suitable idea. How can it be as fast delivered to your doorstep? "Carrying larger items would not be commercially viable" Exactly! Put in a larger item to a drone for it to carry! Just one second it will drop! the drone as well! LOL

Submission + - Deeper Insights Into The Prisoner's Dilemma (

cold fjord writes: The American Scientist reports, "Prisoner’s Dilemma has been a subject of inquiry for more than 60 years, not just by game theorists but also by psychologists, economists, political scientists, and evolutionary biologists. Yet the game has not given up all its secrets. A startling discovery last year revealed a whole new class of strategies, including some bizarre ones. For example, over a long series of games one player can unilaterally dictate the other player’s score (within a certain range). Or a crafty player can control the ratio of the two scores. But not all the new strategies are so manipulative; some are “generous” rules that elicit cooperation and thereby excel in an evolutionary context."

Submission + - Why Should I Conducting STD Test?

wayanblonk writes: STD became one of the most diseases suffered by people in the world. Symptoms are rarely appear has made it difficult to be recognized without doing the STD test. This causes a lot of people who are infected std get late treatment.
Nevertheless, knowing the symptoms of std is the first step to avoid std, because when the first time you feel the symptoms of std, you can immediately decide to conduct tests to obtain more definitive results.
The following will be presented about std and std types, to know the types std and how its spread can also help you to take preventive steps.

Submission + - Can Science ever be "Settled"?

StartsWithABang writes: From physics to biology, from health and medicine to environmental and climate science, you'll frequently hear claims that the science is settled. Meanwhile, those who disagree with the conclusions will clamor that science can never be "settled," and then the name-calling from "alarmist" to "denier" ensues. But can science legitimately ever be considered settled, and if so, what does that mean? We consider gravitation, evolution, the Big Bang, germ theory and global warming in an effort to find out.

Submission + - The doctor shortage in North America – just how bad is it? (

smithwatson05 writes: If you have ever been in an emergency department with a non-life threatening condition, or have ever been on a waitlist for routine surgery, you are likely acutely aware of the fact that there is a shortage of doctors in North America. Just how serious the problem is though, you might not realize.

Submission + - First Look at the Animals of the New Hebrides Trench

An anonymous reader writes: Scientists have released pictures of the animals they've found in the New Hebrides Trench, more than 7,000m down. 'The team used an unmanned lander fitted with cameras to film the deep-sea creatures. The scientists said the ecology of this trench differed with other regions of the deep that had been studied. "We're starting to find out that what happens at one trench doesn't necessarily represent what happens in all the trenches," said Dr Alan Jamieson, from Oceanlab at the University of Aberdeen, UK, who carried out the expedition with the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research in New Zealand.'

Submission + - A Billion More Years of Earth

Nefarious Wheel writes: I've been following our Martian rovers raptly, as evidence mounts for water, the effects of water, and the possibility that life existed on Mars perhaps a billion years ago.

Which all leads to the question — If a similar rover were to visit the Earth a billion years from now, would it be able to detect that life ever existed here?

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