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Comment Too much gamification (Score 1) 123

Funnily enough came across this article about the benefits and disadvatages of gamification about a month ago.

Apparently too much gamification can be a bad thing, as we'll become immune to it. But on a small scale can be an effective tool.

Comment Re:A Clockwork Orange (Score 5, Insightful) 721

My experience has not been that the music has been incredibly loud, it's been quite pleasant in fact.

I found it quite funny when I first heard they were doing this at my local bus stop, I didn't think it would be a deterrent as it wouldn't have dettered me (I was a teen when they started doing this). Was surprised it worked though.

Britains main problem isthe criminalising of its youth. They steadily reduced the amount of money going to youth programs and centres, thereby reducing the amount of places and free activities that children could go to and do. So as a result more and more of them started hanging around streets and at malls as they had no where else to go. This scared people seeing large "gangs of youth and about, assuming they must be upto no good.

They are asked to move on by police or people because they are scaring people just by being there, made to feel like criminals and then we expect them to act better.

Britain has seen a drop in most criminal activity despite Labours addition of several thousand new criminal laws since they came to power in 1997. Yet most people think the country has got worse, and seem to blame the youth more and more.


Are Complex Games Doomed To Have Buggy Releases? 362

An anonymous reader points out a recent article at Gamesradar discussing the frequency of major bugs and technical issues in freshly-released video games. While such issues are often fixed with updates, questions remain about the legality and ethics of rushing a game to launch. Quoting: "As angry as you may be about getting a buggy title, would you want the law to get involved? Meglena Kuneva, EU Consumer Affairs Commissioner, is putting forward legislation that would legally oblige digital game distributors to give refunds for games, putting games in the same category in consumer law as household appliances. ... This call to arms has been praised by tech expert Andy Tanenbaum, author of books like Operating Systems: Design and Implementation. 'I think the idea that commercial software be judged by the same standards as other commercial products is not so crazy,' he says. 'Cars, TVs, and telephones are all expected to work, and they are full of software. Why not standalone software? I think such legislation would put software makers under pressure to first make sure their software works, then worry about more bells and whistles.'"

The Best Burglar Alarm In History 137

Sportsqs writes "When Nikola Tesla got creative with transformers and driver circuits at the turn of the 20th century he probably had no idea that others would have so much fun with his concepts over a hundred years later. One such guy is an Australian named Peter who runs a website called TeslaDownUnder, which showcases all his wacky Tesla ways, or rather electrickery, as Peter calls it." Very cool stuff, I wish I would have had something like this to protect my comic books from my little brother when I was a kid.

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