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Comment Re:What's With All The RIM Hate? (Score 1) 220

You simultaneous ask what's with all the hate, then indicate that you use an Android phone now. It's people like your very own self, people that used to love their BB's that now don't that is causing their implosion. A real one, that the "haters" are reporting on, accurately.

Is RIM supposed to make money for eternity based on what people like you "used" to love? What kind of economic model is that? If people *exactly* like you stuck with their BB's there would be no financial collapse and nothing to report on.

Comment Everyone already deals with virtual property now (Score 1) 184

How real is the money in your bank account?

The money that customers virtually paid your employer with a credit card, that was then virtually direct deposited to your bank account, that you will then use to pay your ISP for internet with by automatic monthly deduction, that they will direct deposit in their employees bank accounts...

How real is money really in a system like this?

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