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Comment Re:For Science! (Score 2, Insightful) 793

Informative? More like needs citation, or funny, which you were probably going for.

I guess your modders agreed that it's "more green" because there isn't a tower of smoke going out the roof but I sure would like to see the amount of fuel burned to sufficiently freeze then shatter someone in the aforementioned manner.

(Though, I would mod you +1 awesome idea, regardless.)

Comment Re:Xbox Live is cornerstone of Social Networking? (Score 1) 307

This is modded interesting? Wow.

The statement when properly read is saying the the Xbox 360, and several of its components such as the Live Marketplace, Netflix streaming content through the Xbox Dashboard, Facebook/Twitter Dashboard apps, and Live.FM streaming audio wouldn't have come to pass.

All of which is perfectly true, had the XBox 1 not done well, it's like that the 360 would have been canned in R&D, and thus these elements of the 360 experience wouldn't have come into existence either.

Comment Re:NASA (Score 1) 398

So, what you mean to say is:

My side lost so I would like to impose a new (post competition) rule set because I believe the winning side banded together for the 'wrong' reasons, and should therefore be punished by being made instead to lose. I more specifically believe this because my sided banded together for the 'right' reasons!"

Comment Re:Oh waiter, my glass has something in it... (Score 1) 688

I've told the people at work that ask me half-full or half-empty for years now that my glass is simply half-occupied, and they go about their docile way.

I've been waiting for years to congratulate the person that calls me on the fact that the glass must be wholly occupied, though perhaps not with a singular substance. Years I tell you :(

Comment Oh, that's what made Vista fail!? (Score 3, Insightful) 672

Microsoft will release a public beta this week of its next desktop operating system, Windows 7, hoping it will address the problems that have made Windows Vista perhaps the least popular OS in its history.

So, Vista failed because they didn't provide a public beta for it?

How about addressing the increasingly long list of features people actually want instead of a resource intensive API to make my windows translucent? Or, making what was arguably Vista's best and at the same time worst feature (UAC) something that works without making itself so intrusive as to be the first time users desire to disable?!

Comment Re:Let's rephrase : scientists say, kill manned sp (Score 1) 308

An interesting statement when the research groups own "Statement of Task" includes:

"and ensuring the future progress of the U.S. civil space program"

Most of their objective list itself seems to imply (to me at least) they are for a civil space program, though I suppose it could be a masquerade for a desire to kill it and loot the corpse.

Submission + - Dell begins their largest layoff ever. 3

cyphercell writes: Dell has begun their largest series of layoffs ever. This morning at about 10:00am more than two hundred employees at Dell's Roseburg Oregon Call center found out that they no longer had jobs. Sparking what appears to be the beginning of year long run of layoffs for the company. http://www.newsreview.info/article/20070802/NEWS/7 0802014

Refuting local suspicions of malice Dell spokesman David Frink states:

... the closure has nothing to do with a lawsuit filed by employees of the Roseburg center in February, claiming Dell violated federal and state wage and hour laws.
http://www.newsreview.info/article/20070213/NEWS/7 0213020

and later says

...plans to reduce employment worldwide by 10 percent at the end of May.

Their plans to reduce employment can be found here:
http://www.statesman.com/business/content/business /stories/technology/06/01/1dell.html

Here are some highlights:

Dell set to shed 8,800 workers...

Dell has 82,200 permanent workers, including 18,000 in Central Texas, and 5,300 temporary workers worldwide. The layoffs are expected to affect both groups...

In its last large-scale layoffs, Dell cut more than 5,000 jobs in Austin after the high-tech bust in 2001.

...many of the layoffs could come in Central Texas, where Dell is headquartered. In a March 29 report to clients, Goldman Sachs analysts said Dell might reduce the work force at its test and assembly facilities in the U.S. and Malaysia.

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