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Comment Re:I think Google would walk here (Score 1) 172

If I want local news, I'm going to the specific website of a local news outlet that I already know of.

If I want national news that the local site may not cover, I'm going to a specific national news website (or a Few to get alternate views).

If I want to research a specific current event topic and get as many relevant alternate sources as I can, I'm going to Google AND DuckDuckGo.

If I don't see a snippet of an article in the search results that gives an inkling that it contains information relevant to what I want to know about, I'm not going to bother with the link. It's that simple, and that's what's going to cause these outlets to shoot themselves in the foot.

Comment Re:we dont care (Score 0) 125

Cool story bro. U mad? Just because you're PC nobility and have to miss out on all the content your Multi-Platform Kings and Queens gets to enjoy at their beck and call, you think you have to shit on the Console Knights and Mobile peasants? Know your role and shut your mouth.

Comment Re:It's because 90% of security warnings are rubbi (Score 1) 125

My municipality only seems to have tubes long enough to span one lane. I suppose it's a budget cutting measure, but I've only ever seen them do the traffic speed/volume checks where the roads only have one lane in each direction. Could also be that the areas with more than one lane (each dir) have speed limits too high for the tubes to stay put (55-65mph).

Comment Re: I don't get it. (Score 1) 73

I can (and have) build a Xenon Server that's extremely quiet and awesomely powerful for about $2700-$2800. That's with Dual Xenon Hex-cores, 64 GB RAM with ECC, 128 GB SSD, and 12 TB of HDD space (before applying RAID). Off of that one physical server, I can easily run 10 separate virtual servers (2 of which I have mimicking a Mainframe through the use of Hercules for the High Volume Data churn that MVS can handle) allowing me to have in-house access to development, testing, and model environments before I publish anything to a cheap VPS for "production". If the VPS goes bust, I'll usually have a backup option set to go live at a moments notice...again, another cheap VPS instance. And when I say cheap VPS: AWS, Azure, and Google compute are all ripoffs for what I need a VPS for. I could get away with a simple hosting account except for the fact that I demand more control, and with a VPS I can have unlimited local *SQL databases provided I've enough space provisioned, where as with a Webhost I'm usually limited to 5 on average.

As far as the monthly cost of running that summer electric bill has risen $50 because of it. The winter bill has actually gone down $30 against the average since I don't have to heat the house as much. The VPS on the other hand, if the cost of running it increases above $15/mo I'm shopping around for cheaper rates. Over the long term it's cheaper to keep your high end compute in-house and only use an external VPS as a disposable public facing front-end.

Comment Re:$78,000,000,000 (Score 2) 102

Over the course of a lifetime, $1,000,000 is the equivalence of less than 20 years on the average American income (~$52K according to the 2014 census). If you had that much all at once with a steady stream of your normal income and wise investing,'ll get ahead...but if that's all you had to live on for the rest of your life, you're not getting ahead of anyone. live in America, yes, people do need a million dollars.

Comment Re:Wut (Score 1) 187

If you turn off the maple syrup, most of us aren't even going to notice. 90% of the "maple" syrup we have on our shelves is High Fructose Corn Syrup with maple flavoring... even the high priced "Real" stuff. I think the only place in the US that might get pissed about a maple syrup shortage might be Southern New England/New York. Northern New England would love it though.

Comment Re:what about when the people can't pay there loan (Score 1) 100

It's easy to default on student loans; it's quite difficult to have student loans discharged under bankruptcy, but not impossible. Best bet is consult with an actual bankruptcy attorney about what chapter and under what conditions your student loans can be discharged. Most attorneys will consult for free.

Comment Re:PCs are better. (Score 2) 114

And when I'm not spinning a 1080 or two up to play Witcher 3 in 4K, I can tell Blender to use the CUDAs to render a 4K scene for a few hours. Or I can use those CUDAs to do amateur weather modeling... or hobbyist genome mapping. Couple those with a Tesla 1070s and you've got a nice huge data pipe to parallel blast a few billion pixels and ints all over the the same time I heat my house. I can't wait to turn my computer into a fission reactor using SLI!

Comment Re:99% of those (Score 1, Insightful) 272

Tool for the job, man.

You use Linux and you don't even know it. No, it's not powering your desktop, but UNIX/Linux is powering a very large portion of the internet. And if you bank on the internet, or manage insurance policies over the net, or take part in online investing, you're likely using IBM system/390 or z/OS mainframes to handle your transactions. I'm a professional .NET coder, which means at work I have to use various Microsoft provided tools for my job. At home, I only run a Windows machine for 2 reasons:

  • 1) To be able to remote into my system at work using the VPN when I'm on-call.
  • 2) For PC Gaming.

The rest of the time I'm using Linux, because it's what I know better and can do more work with it in less time.

People don't choose Windows or Mac because they're operating systems that work. People choose Windows or Mac because it's what they know, and the Devil you know is always better than the Angel you don't. If you were able to put the time and effort into learning the depths of administering a UNIX or UNIX-like OS you'd be able to tell quite quickly just how broken Windows really is, and similarly just how confining OS X can be. Again, I'm not saying you need to do this, because until you can get deep under the hood with a good concept of what you're doing, you're always going to be more productive with what you have worked with more since you know generally what you can expect out of it(again, the Devil you know vs. the Angel you don't).

You deride Linux for not "getting work done" when it's really just you don't want to spend the time to install it and use it (which is kinda sad considering that several mainline distributions are as difficult to install as clicking on a checkbox indicating your keyboard layout, selecting your time zone, and selecting from a list which productivity and development applications you want, and then clicking the install button and letting it go for 20 minutes with the final result being in a system that just works for your system; I've had to do a lot more than that on any Windows system I've installed). You're actually rather lucky that you have such "easy" operating systems to work with now to "get work done." When I first had a job where I worked with computers in order to "get work done" I had to write out JCL scripts to send to a Mainframe operator who manually scheduled my job to run, which amounted to taking a comma space delimited text file created by a data entry program and running an SQL insert statement against the entries to put them into the database (at that time I didn't know or care what DB system the office used). If I had started that job a year earlier (1995 instead of 1996) I would have been punching up that same JCL by hand on cards. Each card having one line of code that was at max 80 characters long. Compared to that, compiling and installing Linux from scratch was an absolute breeze. Granted most of the cards could be re-used as it was only 6 separate lines of the JCL that had to be changed for each job, but I'd hate to be the guy doing that punching. They used a single square hole punch for that purpose since that was cheaper and saved more space than paying for the punch machine that was basically a type writer that took up half of your average bathroom. After working there, compiling a complete Linux install from scratch was an absolute breeze.

Now get off my lawn and STFU about shit you don't know and refuse to understand, hipster shit-tard. (If you "have a life", WTF are you doing here?)

Comment Re: Worse and worse (Score 1) 440

It's Microsoft's customized "404: Not Found" Error page.. So yes, technically the link works in that Microsoft responds to it, but they're responding with errors in a way that obfuscates the fact that they're errors (much like a great many things from Microsoft). Viewing the link with an application like Fiddler2 or Postman you can clearly see that it's returning the 404 status instead of a 200.

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