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Comment Re: This is all very silly. (Score 1) 477

What keys did you press when you last withdrew money from an ATM, please?

Four numbers and the Enter key; along with a few of the keys along side the MFD to indicate transaction type, etc.

Which name and address did you type in when you last ordered something to be delivered to your home?


Submission + - Nintendo Inadvertently Proves Humanity's Decline: (

RavenLrD20k writes: If this is real (Macon Telegraph isn't known for its Satire) humanity deserves no faith. A Google Search shows that this isn't the only outlet reporting. From the article:

As Nintendo prepares to launch its latest gaming console, the Switch, on Thursday, many of the people who have managed to get their hands on one aren’t busy playing the latest games or testing out the console’s unique format.

Instead, lots of people are just licking their video games.

To be more accurate, people are licking the game cartridges that come with the Switch in an exact reversal of what Nintendo intended to happen.

Comment Re:BS (Score 1) 59

There's the Wii-U version if you have that system, which is apparently the superior version. Judging by several comparisons between the Switch version and the Wii-U: The Switch version was missing several graphic effects that the Wii-U had (Volumetric Fog, Lighting effects, etc). The only thing that can be said for the switch is the texture resolution was slightly better and not having the Volumetric Fog and Cloud effects made for sharper landscape images.

The launch of the Switch has so far been a botch only slightly worse than the launch of Sega's Dreamcast; At least the Dreamcast didn't require a day one patch to work.

With no exclusive IP that does anything innovative expected to be released in the next year (Metroid? Kid Icarus? Donkey Kong? Star Fox?) Nintendo is going to have to work a hell of a lot harder than they have been if they expect me to buy into the next console before its EOL year. Of course, I'm just one person who's not going to affect their bottom line by anything more than maybe a couple thousand. What do I matter?

Comment Re:Stupid, stupid questions (Score 1) 364

I came here to say exactly this. I have no illusions that my job as it is right now couldn't be automated. As a matter of fact, I'm personally and actively trying to automate as much of it as I possibly can. I'm sure it's going to happen at some point, so why worry about it. In the mean time I'll just be playing 3D chess and biding my time as the world makes its moves.

Comment Re:Self defeating (Score 1, Flamebait) 338

The humans that develop these machines have the idea that if they build machines to do the mundane work for them, the humans will have more time to pursue labors of love. Unfortunately, the humans that think this way don't seem to care that the majority of other humans think that if you're not in a traditional 9-5 office job your value to society is null (yes I do realize that retail, service, and infrastructure building positions fall into this null category; this is deliberate).

Comment Re:dealership only sales and service coming soon? (Score 1) 102

Keeping the GPS receiver active is fine for navigation purposes (provided you have a proper built in nav-system and not that shitty OnStar turn-by-turn); you're not tracked by it directly. It's only the 4G LTE Wireless radio that needs to be disabled. That's where you have the data stream going back to OnStar, and thus to the MyChevrolet or OnStar app, with the read from your GPS for location along with the LTE triangulation to enhance location resolution. You've already stated this as part of your telemetry disablement plan before, but you didn't clarify the part to answer Cederic on what exactly keeps OnStar and its apps from knowing your location and vehicle status as just shorting out the GPS isn't going to stop anything telemetry wise (Cedric's point). Killing the data connection up-link is what's imperative, and that's not through satellites.

Comment Re:4K (Score 1) 126

Please note... I wasn't complaining about the price. I was just noting for Hog- who made the commentary about 4K being the price instead of the screen resolution that yes it could very well have been the price. The laptop as designed has roughly the same CPU Cores & threads, twice the GPU, and 1/4 of the storage of my desktop. Also note that my tower is running an i7-4790K O.C. to 4.8GHz, so although a little faster, it's several generations behind. I paid roughly $2,500 for the tower. I fully expected a laptop with the same power specs to easily be twice as much in price. To have a laptop system that's on current gen processing with twice as much GPU cost just less than 2x what I put into my tower, I'd definitely consider that a good deal. I just don't need a laptop with those specs right now.

Comment Re:It's not about risk... (Score 1) 437

Or maybe the CEO and other Executives of MBCST could figure out how to live on $16 Million per year instead of $20 Million per year to give the employees an extra $5-10 an hour without having to raise the product cost or sacrifice the ever precious Profit Margin. Hell, maybe sacrifice some of that profit margin if it's really wide and they won't have to take as much of a pay cut if at all.

Seriously... what the hell is so wrong with cutting some of the huge numbers at the top by 10 to 20% to increase the meager numbers at the bottom? Executives would rather pile drive their companies into the ground than take let one red cent fall out of their pockets. Some of these guys make more money during a sneeze than I make in a quarter, and they can't abide their workers getting more than 5.15/hr (Georgia minimum wage provided a position falls outside of the federal FLSA).

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