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Comment Re: don't get your hope up (Score 1) 250

If what you say is true and tested by you, then the theaters you go to absolutely suck and you should stop giving them money in the first place.

Though rare, there have been a few times that I've received a refund on a movie that was so utterly bad that no one in the chain deserved to get my money. The most recent notable instance was the 2011 remake of "The Thing." Granted since then I've become a hell of a lot more selective in what I'm willing to go to the theater for.

Finally, before someone says "You haven't received a refund after sitting through the entirety of a movie," yes, I have. I have sat through an entire movie, thoroughly hated it, and received a refund afterward without being grilled about it. This situation only ever happened twice, when I was with a group of friends carpooling and there was nothing else within walking distance to occupy my time while I waited for them to finish. I always had my reasoning statement to back up my request, but I've not once had to use it.

Comment Re:Yawho? (Score 4, Informative) 72

We're talking about senators here... you can't spew that much bullshit without having impacted bowels.

Oh, by the way: your attempt at pedantry fails as a secondary definition for impacted literally means "strongly affected by something." Or, to see for yourself read #9 on the linked page. Also; by literally I mean that to be without exaggeration or inaccuracies.

Comment Re:Why is Windows 10 the benchmark? (Score 0) 205

Because a $35 Arduino is within the price range of a $40 Pi; of which both share low level micro controller functions (GPIO on the Pi can function similarly to the Digital / Analog pins on the Arduino). Sure there's significant differences that make a Pi and Arduino board apples and oranges, but at the bottom line, if you've a project that only needs a micro controller that runs a fixed routine that would rarely change go Arduino. If you think you might need that, plus a little more computing power to run an emulator...or to program the low-level directly without necessarily requiring a full computer tower to build and transmit a sketch, it's nearly nothing to pitch a few more $$ and go with the Pi.

Comparing this SoM to the Pi, however... there's no crossover to truly compare. The price points are way too different. There's functions the Pi has that this SoM doesn't (GPIO for example). The SolidRun SoM is more fit to be a low-end desktop replacement than the Pi could ever be. Seriously the SR SoM is more fit to be compared to a low end Laptop ($160 range) as there are many more common points between them, price not being the least of them.

Comment Re:DDoS Defense (Score 1) 237

Which, with a significant enough attack vector, can bring a router to its knees as it gets overwhelmed with processing the ACL trying to compare netmask of what's in the block list against the masks of what's on the inbound line. Granted it takes a massive amount of traffic from an identified bad actor to do this; but it's not outside of the realm of possibility.

Comment Re:Uhm.... article link? (Score 1) 395

The consistency is that every article that goes outside of Slashdot has that little green link next to the title. Links inside the summary are just a bonus, especially if it's a link to an alternate copy of the story where the primary one may be paywalled/ad-block-blocked.

Comment Re:Fake GPS location spoofer (Score 1) 395

GPS Spoofing can be done in an app that in no way modifies the operation of or broadcasts through the phone's GPS antenna. It simply allows you to manually punch in the coordinates you want to represent as your location that the system will use instead of reading from the GPS antenna itself. This functionality was even included as part of the Developer options menu in the Android settings; though the current build installed on my Galaxy S5 seems to only allow one to specify an app that serves as the gps location provider ("Mock Location App"). One such option: Fake GPS Location

Comment Re:Not stopping here (Score 1) 217

You loved the iPhone for so many years and the past few iterations we've streamlined it like never before. Well...this year we're changing everything...again. This year we're discontinuing the iPhone we've come up with a way to communicate with eachother, it's absolutely revolutionary. Let me present to you...the iBrain. With this innovation you will be able to communicate with each other in absolute real time. There's no icons to press to dial your buddy. With this ear piece unit that operates off your delta-waves, all you have to do is think about your buddy and a connection is immediately established where you can exchange the full range of your thoughts and ideas with him in naught but a flash of an eyelash.

And why use Facebook anymore? With the iBrain, you can share more than just the image of the food before you... you can share in the whole meal experience. You can share the entire experience of the artwork you create, the machines you build, your day to day living experiences are all fed directly to your friends and love ones. All with Perfect Integration. And you will integrate perfectly with the new iBrain. With the iBrain there can be no successful impedance!

Comment Re:This doesn't convince me... (Score 1) 213

We'd be able to detect the lateral movement of the universe as it's getting pushed towards the exhaust as the Wankel by design creates a direction for the gasses to flow as soon as combustion starts. The stationary edges of the engine (the fixed outer walls) would drag the universe while the moving compression edge would be pushing that part of the universe to go faster. This would give the universe a directional spin along a fixed axis.

In a standard Piston cylinder ICE, the movement restricted to compression and expansion, this would limit any movement of the remaining particles (galaxies etc) to a fixed space of expansion and eventually back to compression as the piston starts pushing the universe out the exhaust. It's in this stage that we might be able to discern universal movement as it's expelled. As far as right now... we could just be existing at the part of the power stroke where we wouldn't be able to discern any movement. We'll need to wait a while to see if there's an exhaust stroke.

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