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Comment Re:I always opt out (Score 2) 168

I can relate to this. The first time I encountered one of these machines, I had no idea what was happening (this was a good while ago). Now I always opt out even if I'm running late. I've had people behind me in line follow me in opting out because they did not know they could. I've never missed a flight because of it and have even gotten through faster than the person behind me at least twice (they had a long line going through). I think that opting out is a small statement but the people who see you do notice.

Comment Re:So, (Score 2) 390

Marion County is one of the most corrupt places I have ever visited. I went to Indianapolis with some friends, went out to bars, and then everyone got arrested (too long a story to say how it went down). Anyways, the Judge gave everyone the highest bail (one person even received higher than the bail schedule's max amount), we paid it, got charged double (20% cash instead of 10%), and had to go back to court twice. They are thieves. All of the charges were dropped the second we went to court. In the end, we have arrests on our records, everyone is out $2000 for bail and at least $5000 in legal fees, and Marion County Circus is still stealing innocent people's money. Hope someone with money can fight them some day.

Comment Re:This is a big deal for me. :-( (Score 2) 459

I would have to echo you on this. I've been running my own mail servers for about 8 years and have had to switch ISPs at least 5 times. The first was from a move, the second one (Insight) changed their TOS to make companies upgrade to a business class line. I told them to go screw themselves and got a business-class DSL (from one of the *Bell companies). When they changed their TOS at Insight though, they ran port scanners on every subscriber. If you had any ports open such as 25 or 80, they placed you on a watch list. Once on that list, if they detected any traffic, they cut your access and tried to extort business-class fees from you. The place I'm at now is not a business connection but I still have those ports for use. The only problem is that every major email provider blocks residential IPSs for mail. I haven't sent an email to a major provider from my servers for 1.5 years. However, all the people I know running their own servers get my emails just fine. In their attempts to "stop spammers" they have made it impossible for anyone but companies with money able to send email. I can't even relay my outbound SMTP through my ISP anymore.

Times change and now the majority of users think email only comes from hot/gmail and their work. ISPs don't have any reason to cater to those who want their own email unless they pay up.

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