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Comment Re:pixel (Score 1) 212

I think a lot of people assume it's a Samsung ecosystem they're switching out of, not Android.

I'm pretty sure that isn't true. That would be like saying that drivers that buy cars don't know they whether they are getting a sedan, SUV or truck. Most people test drive it before they dish out the money. In my surroundings I can only point at 1 or 2 mobile device users that don't know and don't care and they are all above 60 years old.

Keep in mind that I still thing this analyst's numbers are way off.

Comment Re:Future-proofing for 4k (Score 1) 243

2TB per month. Do you and your kids do anything else than use computers and watch movies all day?

That's more than 750 hours of Netflix watched in HD (half in 4k). Send your kids outside to do something more constructive than that!!!

I too have kids and a wife that use Netflix, Facebook. We have yet to push it beyond 600GB.

Comment Re:So... here's the thing (Score 1) 101

Come on now, this black ops shit

By that standard you're ok with anybody under any circumstance to bypass the system. You are setting a very dangerous precedence.

Until someone can prove the proper channels cannot work the proper channels should at bare minimum looked at. Snowden didn't even look to see what options were available.

Comment Re:So... here's the thing (Score 1) 101

Assuming this is a genuine crook

He is a crook whether he's doing it for moral or financial reasons. He's not using the legitimate channels available to bring the issue to the surface. I realize it's not as easy as it sounds but it certainly more politically correct and less harmful to government.

IMO Snowden could also have used a different approach. Chopping down the tree when there's 1 bad branch is overkill. That's the ONLY reason I only ever partially agreed with what Snowden did. We expect our government to follow due process, we should to until they don't listen (which allegedly wasn't the case here)

Comment Re:MS Hates Linux (Score 1) 491

They have rights over the licensing model but the licensing model cannot dictate the environment. Where things change is when they make OEM distribution deals. Those come with clauses but they are mandatory by any means. MS does not have the right as it would fall into ANTI TRUST.

If you want to blame someone, blame the one negotiating these deals to save money to consumers. In this case, the h/w manufacturer.

Comment Re:MS Hates Linux (Score 1) 491

The excuse is BS. Microsoft is the cause, by allowing crapware to be bundled in the first place

MS doesn't control what H/W manufacturers package with the OS. For be signature compliant they need to follow rules MS put in place.

Also, other OSes manage to get better hardware compatibility out of the box without Microsoft's massive labour force or playing around with drivers suddenly not working

That statement isn't clear to me. I don't know if your saying other OSes come with better h/w support than MS or the other way around. I'd like to know which other OSes you speak of because last I checked MAC OS didn't have any driver support beyond their own h/w. As for Linux, they have barebone hardware support which MS pretty much matches.

At first, Linux distributions just weren't easy to install for everyday end users. Today, that isn't true. However, most of the Linux support is still handled by the community and there is no accountability by any given entity. Dell, HP and company would love to put a free OS on their H/W but they don't want to handle OS issues because it now becomes their responsibility.

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