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Comment Re:MS Hates Linux (Score 1) 475

If you actually read into the real intent behind what Microsoft calls: "MS Signature PC", it's far more flattering to MS than this thread makes it sound like.

Check this article, it may change your point of view. Again, look at it from a consumer standpoint, not a techy with intentions to customize the H/W:

MS has long looked bad because of poor packaging of it's OS with H/W. This is their way of solving that.

Comment Re:Two words. (Score 1) 475

The point is, nobody is stopping manufacturers from making parts. The law makes it that it's an open market and prevents these companies from holding their customers hostage.

Now, in your case you are talking about a low volume item so nobody in the market is interested in investing time and money for a few sales. However, if you need brake rotors, pads, calipers, windshield... they are all available by 3rd parties at a much lower price than the BMW price.

Comment Re:MS Hates Linux (Score 1) 475

Yes, they are a threat to some of their server market share. Web hosting, virtualization, data centers and even database hosting are all part of that but it has NOTHING to do with the end users buying laptops at BestBuy.

Microsoft is far more concerned with getting back in mobile and pushing out Mac OS out of the PC market than worrying about Linux which amongst most end users is not even a thought.

Comment Re:MS Hates Linux (Score 1) 475

Microsoft has kept that desktop Linux share at 1% (actually 2% now) with these sorts of tactics over the years. It pays off for them.

First off, the article and other commenters pointed out how this was a Lenovo mistake that they were already in the process of fixing.

Second, when your market share is small, it's not enticing for the mainstream users. It's the same reason Apple and Android have taken the market while BB and MS are still trying to break it. You can't get application support without a user base.

If Linux was like Apple's iPhone to PC users, it would sell itself but it doesn't.

Comment Re:Two words. (Score 1) 475

I would like to see the hardware industry regulated like the car industry. The car industry is very open (except the software side of course). You buy a car from X company and can get replacement parts from anybody. That's how hardware needs to be dealt with.

To protect the H/W manufacturers I would have a switch (software or hardware) that needs to be flipped before opening up the hardware to new software. This way if a unit turns out defective, the manufacturer can refuse deny the warranty claim (AS LONG as it's stipulated clearly that it will void the warranty).

Comment Re:It can't come soon enough... (Score 1) 239

No, I was talking about any situation where Autopilot must relinquish control... including safety emergencies. Not sure why anyone would make a distinction between one or the other. Point being, not all of them can be done over a time period of minutes.

Most people respond poorly when their vehicle loses traction. The computer will do a much better job at recovering control because it can make 1000 decision per second where a human being can make 10. Additionally is has a lot more accurate information to work with. Most dangerous situations will simply require the auto pilot to slow down and pull over which is fine. Additionally most dangerous situations start from the driver himself such as stopping too late, following too closely, losing focus... Proof of this is vehicles equipped with simple driver assist are seeing a massive reduction in accidents. My insurance dropped from $115 a month to $82 a month going from a 2007 to 2016 of the same make, model.

Comment Re:Goodbye Windows. (Score 1) 585

microsoft might commit corporate suicide

I doubt that.

Most people buying Kaby Lake processor based products will have it come with Windows 10. Windows 8 and 8.1 are practically dead already and being replaced with Windows 10. Windows 7 is in constant decline and also being replaced with Windows 10.
Facts are here: http://gs.statcounter.com/#des...

Corporation will roll out Windows 10 with the new computer hardware, this has happened from 95 to 98 to XP to 7 and now to 10.

Comment Re:The MS Merry Go Round. (Score 1) 212

Needless to say, I don't trust Windows 10 and I have not started up its virtual machine since then.

I won't argue that Windows 10 calls home or that it may or may not collect sensitive data. I will however say that if one owns are smart phone or uses one of the major search engines, Windows 10 is in no way worst.

I'm one of those that moved to Windows 10 because I live in the MS world and I honestly like it. I didn't care much about the call home AS LONG as it doesn't ruin my experience using the OS and doesn't send my files just because it can. All signs point to usage data being collected for both OS improvements and the pushing of ads. Unfortunately the last 2 patches have plagued me with the well know LOCK UP issue. They collect data to help solve it which I 100% approve of.

Comment Re: Good to hear. (Score 1) 188

Everything you stated is the reason my IT department did not even consider AMD processors for our business. We were willing to pay more for Intel just to have piece of mind. 10 years later some of those processors were still active and needed to be decommissioned. I can't say the same for the AMD unit we had purchased for special performance requirements.

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