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Comment Re:Why not name him? (Score 1) 122

Why would we want to give any wiggle room to those who, of their own will opted to be malicious? Isn't trust earned? Why should they get a free pass after screwing up royally?

IMO going to prison is just part 1 of a 2 phase process. Re-integration is probably the hardest part because now you need to earn people's trust again.

Comment Re:Leaf off the air too (Score 1) 128

Dumb that cars that should be targeting a 15-20 year

The average car in North America is on the road about 10 years. That being said, the tech should not be incrusted into the car. They should drive that tech off smart phones which appear to remain backwards compatible for years. The worst case is that it doesn't support a newer version of the app but at least remains supported with the old app.

The car company in this case was dumb to only include a 2G modem (cost savings I guess). At the time of release of the vehicle, the tech was already on it's way out.

Comment Re:Consoles with keyboards (Score 1) 156

They won't because they keep selling more licenses.

As long as the majority of software built for corporations and enterprises runs on Windows you won't see a decline. The web took a big bite out of Microsoft Windows revenue stream and another big innovation will be required to see a continued decline. Better cross platform support of everything is key for this to happen.

Comment Re:About letting us choose everything? (Score 1) 156

Win10 has reset my preferences for HTML, PDF and JPG files across several updates. Additionally, it takes a LONG time to boot during these updates. I literally walked in to work one morning needing to send an email. After two reboots and logging in, waiting for Outlook to pop up, I finally gave up and composed my email on my phone. No sooner than I got outlook running, the O/S wanted ANOTHER reboot for another queued update.

Sounds like you have a bad install or unsupported hardware. Haven't seen anything like this with any of my systems (4 systems, which 2 are 5 years or older), the 50 windows I support at work or any of my close friends. For the most part most users had very positive things to say about the OS.

As for boot time, my boot time is 8 seconds on my most recent hardware and about 60 seconds on the old hardware. I think something is very wrong with your hardware or drivers.

Now look at this from the perspective of grandma and grandpa who just want to see the grandkids in email..... The IOS devices and even the android devices boot faster and when they do an update you don't even know it because all the apps stay where they were across the update.

Those devices are simpler and are much better suited for the clientele you suggest. Simple internet and computing usage requires nothing more than a tablet.

And we wonder why Win10 is losing market share?????

Where does it say that? Every article that comes out seems to suggest a higher number of users adopting Windows 10. Here's the stat counter for Windows 10. Constant incline.

I'm all for pissing all over a product but it needs to have a foundation to stand on. One bad user experience doesn't tell the full story. I could easily have a biased opinion at the moment because I just had a really bad experience with MS on the licensing side but I try to stay impartial when evaluation a product regardless of my views of said company.

Comment Re:Lost $800 Million (Score 1) 156

The problem isn't that they are too big to fail, it is that we don't allow them to fail, so they take additional risks where normal sane people wouldn't

"Too big to fail" occurs when a downward spiral is in view should said company fail. GM was a good example of this. GM failing was X number of jobs but the sprinkled impact was 5 - 10 times more jobs. It was cheaper for the government to bail them out and have them pay it back down the road which is what ended happening.

The proper response to "too big to fail" is to start locking people up for their mismanagement under failure to do due diligence. Start locking up CxOs and all the Corporate Board members in jail, and strip them of their fortunes (including all their "protected assets" in trusts). An amoral economy is immoral at heart.

I agree that they should be stripped of MOST of their fortune BUT locked up would depend on whether they were reckless or performed fraud. Plenty of companies have failed due to their inability to innovate which I hardly consider fraudulent or reckless. E.g. Blackberry.

Comment Re: Great! (Score 1) 102

Your setup is unconventional so you fall in the category of people that just have to keep on top of it and keep fixing it. But for the other 99.9% of RX 470 users, it's probably a completely different story.

Keep in mind that the auto driver update is ONLY if you do not meet the minimum driver version. That can get abused by gaming companies but that's is a different story all together.

Comment Re:Great! (Score 1) 102

This might not be a bad thing IF Microsoft prompted you with a dialog box like this first:

I think the whole point of this is to keep users from having to make the decision. In my experience major release drivers from both Nvidia and AMD have been solid. Most of my non technical friends just accept all updates offered to them via Catalyst or the Gforce app (can't remember the name). I myself have been keeping my drivers updated for the last 6 years and have yet to encounter a problem with any video card I've owned.

Knowing Microsoft, though, they'll automatically "upgrade" the driver in the background and leave you scratching your head for awhile when the screen is stuck at 1024x768 resolution after you reboot

Well, the upgrade process remains to be seen but I suspect they will just make it part of the main install which already has a progress indicator. The idea is to not make it the user's problem.

Comment Re:Win10 is good OS that has bolted-on malware (Score 1) 172

Given that Microsoft is a convicted abusive monopolist it is reasonable to assume malicious intent.

Assumption are for fact free topics. This topic is already well covered and the information passed is exactly what they claimed in their documentation. No malicious intent in the telemetry but people rather cater to the popular movement of hate for corporation rather than be constructive in their arguments. All I'm saying is that it's getting old and childish.

Comment Re:Win10 is good OS that has bolted-on malware (Score 1) 172

Malware is not the correct name as it assume malicious intent. So saying this means you are either ill informed about what Windows 10 actually does or are trying to please the /. crowd.

Here's a detailed description of what it does from a concerned user:
here's MS's comprehensive documentation on it's configurability and what is collected:

Comment Re:Lots of companies want Win10 (Score 1) 172

In fact, the safe bet would be to assume that it's not secure.

That's true of all software, open or closed. Any software that has the potential of being a security concern is either making use of outside libraries developed by someone else or depends on hardware that has firmware running on it that could also be potentially vulnerable.

Comment Re:Wait until they find out (Score 1) 113

Perhaps you hadn't noticed, but "enough" does not mean the same thing "as good as the other". It may very well be the case that mobile will get fast enough for most people...

I'd argue that when you reach less than 2% of the population using them is pretty much elimination as it's more of a niche product at that point with special requirements.

but improvements that make mobile processing faster also result in faster desktop processing as well, and the demand for more power will *always* be there

I disagree with the last part. The number one sign of this is that the replacement rate has decrease while the cost has significantly dropped. Additionally with bandwidth and network speeds increasing, it's become far more effective to transfer the work load onto specialized servers with unlimited amounts of resources to handle said requests. This is what most of the major CGI studios do now. Big servers, regular client hardware (usually macbooks). Most CAD and creative software suites are also pushing this way of working.

My team supports a large team of engineers using 3D modeling software for generating manufacturing programs and instructions. They also model actual air and fluid dynamics which is very intensive both on the CPU and GPU. All this information is transferred to the server (small payload) and processed 30 times quicker than previously on an expensive server that is a fraction of the cost of them all getting generation 6 Intel i7. Now realistically the mobile processing power isn't good enough for these people YET but it will eventually be as their requirements have only decreased. Some of these engineers are running 5 year old equipment and other than asking for bigger and better displays are very happy with the performance they software currently runs at.

Comment Re:Its the content creators that need them! (Score 1) 113

A huge display isn't very useful if the smartphone-derived operating system's window manager doesn't allow displaying more than one app at once on that display.

That's today and the software of today is built for today's hardware. This can easily be remedied so it's far from being a real concern.

And once I've burned through those 10 GB, which would take eight seconds at 10 Gbps, what else can I do for the rest of the month before my data plan resets?

I think your confused. What limit are you talking about? Cellphone plan limitation? Are you grasping on to straws to make a point because it's not coming across. 10Gbs WIFI is something that is already reality. Read up on Quantenna Communications.

Stop thinking that current tech is the end of the line. I'm surprised to see the lack of imagination of tech people on Slashdot. Today is only the tip of the iceberg.

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