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Comment Re: Give the option (Score 1) 348

In fact they are changing a default behavior from the beginning of the browser history. It made a lot of sense when the internet was almost exclusively a content source. Nowadays, with more and more content is being created with a web interface and as the post sugests, this behavior could be catastrophic. I like Emacs' way. When you press Ctrl+Left, it asks you what do you want with that combo. In my case, I want to jump to the next white space, but in some version of Emacs it was the shortcut to scroll the whole screen, allowing you to view beyond the (maybe) 80 column limit. Not really sure what. This way I can choose the behavior and save it. Or not, in which case I'm asked every time I use the combo.

Submission + - Raspberry Pi 3 rolls out with faster CPU, on-board Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 1

An anonymous reader writes: The original Raspberry Pi went on sale four years ago, and more than 8,000,000 units have shipped since then. Raspberry Pi computers are used in schools and universities, in factories and other industrial applications, in home automation and hobby projects, and much more.

Today the Raspberry Pi 3 was announced, featuring a 64-bit quad-core ARMv8 CPU clocked at 1.2GHz, making it roughly 10x the speed of the original Pi 1. Many people will be pleased to hear that the Raspberry Pi 3 also features on-board Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, greatly improving the device's connectivity. The new device goes on sale today at the usual price of US $35.

Submission + - Nvidia Blames Apple For Bug That Exposes Porn Browsing In Chrome's Incognito

An anonymous reader writes: If you use Google Chrome’s incognito mode to hide what you browse (ahem, porn), this might pique your interest. University of Toronto engineering student Evan Andersen discovered a bug that affects Nvidia graphics cards, exposing content that you thought would be for your eyes only. And because this only happens on Macs, Nvidia is pointing the finger at Apple.

Submission + - Stretchable Electronics Have Their Coming Out Party At CES (

An anonymous reader writes: After years of development led by Professor John Rogers and a large research team at the University of Illinois, and a long product design effort at MC10 and L'Oréal, electronics circuitry that bends, stretches, and feels like skin makes its debut at CES, in the form of an NFC-phone readable sun-sensing temporary tattoo, a patch full of sensors designed to track heart rate, muscle activity, movement and more for researchers in medicine and sports, and a tiny ECG-reading and transmitting bandaid. This may mark the end of the "wristband" era and the beginnning of the "bandaid" one for wearable electronics

Comment Re:Is this a good idea? (Score 1) 147

Well I haven't read the article, but have a few comments to make:
  • CNA is a private english school, as such they are not exactly cheap. So, save a really bad apple, nobody there should be in need of money. Provided this is discussed with the elderly, this shouldn't be an issue. Not a greater one than the elderly's grand children asking money to their grandparents behind their parents backs.
  • It is stated that the conversations are recorded and evaluated by teachers. That would also work for avoiding most of the cases.

Comment Re:biofuels (Score 1) 256

Any citation on this? From what I remember they were always flex, even if sometimes you might have to manually adjust something.

Since you quoted wikipedia, there it goes: ethanol fuel in Brazil. To get the info in a glimpse, check for the caption on the first image of the section (the FIAT 147 one), and read on for further info.

But I know where your misconception comes from: only recently pure ethanol has been used. It was used both as solute and as solvent to gasoline. As a solute, up to 25% volume, it was used to reduce gasoline dependency; and as a solvent to gasoline it was used to help deal with cold start problems of the ethanol prior to electronic injection, but cars were classified as ethanol fueled or gasoline fueled, nevertheless.

Comment Re:Just like Nuclear Fusion (Score 1) 256

Since the 1970's, cars have been run on ethanol; but until recently (post 2000 or so), you had to choose either gasoline or ethanol and buy a car based on this choice. Nowaday most (if not all) new cars produced there are capable of using both in any proportion. And where would the biodiesel come from? Algae for fuel is something I hadn't heard before, I'll look into it. One promissing source of fuel is the digestion of celulose, this is what I'm hoping for.

Comment Re:Just like Nuclear Fusion (Score 1) 256

All it takes is the first commercial project producing bio-fuel to start making money, then development work will drop the price of biofuel even as the cost of extracting fossil fuel will continue to rise.

Did you know that since the 1970's around half the cars in Brazil are fueled by ethanol produced from sugar cane? You would think that a demonstration this wide was convincing enough, but here we are still gargling oil.

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