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Comment Re:Effective viewing angle? (Score 3, Interesting) 165

Almost every movie I've watched in the last few years has had a terrible range. Why must all dialogue be whispered nowadays?


Watching movies with any sort of sound going in the room with me gives me the choice between ramping up the volume and making my ears bleed, missing half the dialogue, or having to constantly adjust the volume.

Comment Re:Browser name should be changed (Score 1) 318

I'd suggest to tack on a few other characters to keep it unpronouceable (that is for western tongues, somewhere in eastern europe this might be an actual word).. UZBLXYGRKT or something like that. Anyway, I like the approach of this program, especially the vim-styled controls.

Does it return to the 5th dimension when it says its name backwards?

Comment Re:It was nice while it lasted (Score 1) 329

Pandora Radio is a good one.

Nope. it's U.S. only , so as an alternative to a site which is now charging outside the us/uk/de its a bit pointless really.....

Totally slipped my mind that he might have been out of the country.

I must be more tired than I thought if I forgot what the story was about 5 minutes in...

Comment Re:Laaaawwwsuuuuit (Score 1) 1246

Why would you need a warrant? She was arrested on disorderly conduct

Because "disorderly conduct" is what the cops claim when can't site you for an actual crime - theft, DUI, etc - just ask the nearest black man.

The cops didn't see her using the phone because they had to search her to find one. School should have just suspended her for a few days, and THEN called the cops if she refused to comply. But by searching her without a warrant or probable cause, they've open themselves (and the school) up to a lawsuit.

If you read the police report, the cop is a School Resource Officer. A SRO is always in the school and is supposed to be specially trained to handle incidents in school.

If you had read the report, you would have also noticed that the SRO tracked down several people to find out if she had a phone or not. You would also know that the girl had discipline problems in the past. The girl also refused to give up the phone and lied to the officer multiple times. If it's a public school that has rules in place that allow them to take away cell phones, it was completely justified.

Comment Re:How do you know? (Score 1) 1246

The police report actually says she was arrested for having the phone out in class, disobeying the teacher, and lying to the School Resource Officer (guy who makes sure there's no drugs, shootings, etc.) and principal; texting had nothing to do with the actual arrest. They had witnesses who said she had the phone out and after they searched her, they confirmed that it was used to send a text message to her dad. The girl was apparently a troublemaker and gave the officer several fake phone numbers instead of her parents'.

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