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Comment Re:The war on lead continues (Score 2) 366

The damage caused by leaded gas (even what little remains via avgas) is probably much, much higher than that caused by electronic solder.

Lets consider the 3 following ways that lead can enter the supply of materials that go into humans.
1. Leaded gas was a big big issue because the lead is now a particulate in the air, it will be breathed in or will settle as dust into either a water supply or onto soil which then gets rained on and drains into a water supply.
2. Lead solder on pipes, while not a particulate immediately, it will sometimes corrode into the water in the pipe because lead/copper touching and being dissimilar metals (always have to be very careful with dissimilar metals when in a wet environment)
3. Lead solder on electronics, will probably end up in the dump where they will there be rained on and the solder may enter the water supply that way. Note that equipment that is supposed to last a long time or will not be disposed of into a dump are usually exempt from the lead ban. In particular military, medical, and aerospace equipment is usually exempt.

Considering that the removal of lead from gas and paint caused blood lead levels to go from 16 g/dL in 1976 to only 3 g/dL in 1991, while lead in electronics was only regulated in 1993, the removal of lead from avgas is a much bigger issue than the removal of lead from solder.

Comment Re:Let us ask Data (Score 2) 303

My problem with the game isn't the servers, that was resolved rather quickly, it's the way that traffic objects work. Traffic objects are anything that travels along a road, so buses, streetcars, garbage trucks, and sims trying to get to and from work.

Every traffic object just goes to whatever is closest and meets their needs, regardless of how many others are also going there. You end up with 10 buses that hang out at 3 or 4 bus stops and traffic jams because every single worker is trying to get to the same job.

Instead as traffic objects get destinations the destination should have the required number of objects go down. As each sim is assigned a work destination the number of required workers should go down, and if a bus with 20 slots left is assigned to a bus stop with 30 people waiting them the next bus should see that 10 people need to be picked up.

While this will decrease performance it is well worth it. The only problem I can see that cant be easily dealt with is if there are multiple threads assigning sims to destinations.

Comment Re:No emission-less (Score 4, Insightful) 365

Even if you don't sequester the carbon and just put it out a smoke stack you're still at an advantage over normal coal burning. One of the major problems with coal burning is not the CO2, but the fly ash that contains heavy metals and causes respiratory problems. This process allows for those heavy metals to be contained in the coal ash which is kept within the plant. Depending on the concentration of metals in the ash it may be economical to mine the ash.

Additionally since the CO2 is pure it can be used industrially without having to distill out the nitrogen that you would if you got it from regular burning.

Comment Re:Just a higher tech version of what cops already (Score 5, Insightful) 180

Ok, so first, if the crime doesn't happen, how do you know you prevented it? Maybe it just didn't happen.


You don't look at individual crimes, you take a selection of areas with similar crime statistics, implement the prediction system in some of them, then see how the crime rates change.

Second, doesn't this seem like there will now be a market for anti-prediction? That is, find out where the cops think the crime will occur, and do the crime somewhere else. Because the cops will be somewhere else, your chances of getting caught are less

Perhaps there will be a market for anti-prediction, but the types of crimes that this aims to prevent (or even just be more response to calls about) aren't usually done by sophisticated criminals. Any anti-prediction system would first have to be able to aggregate crime statistics then apply the prediction algorithm, then find areas outside the predicted zones. If you have all that already, you might as well just sell the prediction algorithm to the police rather than make an unethical program that has a very small (and secretive) user base that wouldn't pay much for your system in the first place.

Comment Re:Just a higher tech version of what cops already (Score 4, Interesting) 180

Unfortunately individual police officers were drawing from a much smaller pool of data which was then put through their personal biases. If an officer had a racial or cultural bias then they may perceive an area as having more crime, when the actual statistics don't match.

Comment Re:Um... (Score 1) 277

My suggestion is to switch to GWT whenever you can. Google Web Toolkit lets me write and debug in java but the end product is in JavaScript with no plugins required.

I used to use flex and gwt is superior in my opinion.

Comment Chinese Subsidies (Score 2, Insightful) 415

Maybe the tariffs are because the Chinese have been subsidizing their solar exports in violation of the trade agreements?

Part of the problem will of course be that photovoltaics aren't reliable. Concentrated solar onto molten salt and wind are much more reliable than photovoltaics. Or we could just go nuclear.

Comment Re:Dreams of the future past (Score 1) 182

afaik the current limitations with plasma torch garbage disposal is not the power, but the plasma degrades the materials making up the furnace too quickly. If the input is general waste then the process produces as much energy as it takes. It needs energy to start or if the input doesn't have enough hydrocarbons.

Comment Re:The other question should who wants own the rig (Score 1) 129

Except some crashes are impossible to prevent. There will be some ambulance chasers that try to cash in on these crashes, regardless of whose fault it actually is. A likely outcome is that the lawyers trying to get money from autonomous car makers will change the question from "whose fault was it?" to "Why didn't your car prevent the crash?". Even if none of the lawyers win, the makers still have to spend a lot of money defending themselves.

Comment Re:BART really doesn't like dissenting voices (Score 1) 196

It's more like this:
The objective of the BART group is to run the trains, safely and on schedule.
A train station is a dangerous place during a protest. Protests, being large relatively immobile crowds have the possibility of pushing people into places where they shouldn't be. Between an enclosed space causing crush problems, the electrical lines for the trains, and the trains themselves, I wouldn't want to be in a train station during a protest.

Probably they decided to shut down the stations for two reasons: So that nobody would get hurt (which would then be blamed on BART's response) and so that hopefully the protesters would get bored and leave sooner so they could resume service.

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