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Comment The way the big boys do it (Score 1) 1016

I deal with this stuff at work every day, and the way it's ACTUALLY done isn't as fancy or as fun as people seem to think. We use a high-ish speed hydraulic press to deform the platters to the point where they're not able to spin/turn/anything any more. that step is basically securing the drives for transport to an industrial shredding facility. They dump the drives into a giant shredder that spits chunky dust out the other side.

Comment Am I missing something? (Score 3, Interesting) 338

I admit I didnt' watch the video, because...well, I don't watch videos that I could have read a transcript from in 1/10th the time.

Regardless though, I just don't see any way for the ISP to filter/detect copyrighted content without actually intercepting and analyzing the traffic on the wire.

Something seems to be wrong here. We would all be shitting our respective pants if the phone company stated they would be listening to our phone calls, or if the post office said they would be reading our mail...but we're not worried that our ISP is analyzing our private data packets, we're only worried what they do with the info?

Comment Re:How do you protect your mobile phone (Score 2) 238

If you think that 99% of people use "smart phones", you're grossly out of touch with reality. "Smart phones" are grossly expensive status symbols. The only people I know who use "smart phones" have them to impress other people. I run a multi-million dollar business just fine with a laptop and a "dumb" cell phone.

I think you are grossly out of touch with reality. A smartphone lets me do my business without having to carry the laptop around, like you are apparently doing everywhere you go. I suppose you'd also like the children to stay off your lawn?

Comment Re:Wallet != Money (Score 1) 391

I'd say it's not fair to pick apart a soundbite pedantically, but when said soundbite is THIS inane and begging for it, I say go right ahead.

I can't remember the last time I carried cash in my wallet, and only carry one credit card. So you could eliminate the entire CONCEPT of currency and I'd still carry a wallet. Unless Paypal is also planning on eliminating the concepts of drivers license, work ID, key cards, notes to myself, receipts, medical ID cards, and concealed carry permits, my wallet is going to remain very useful to me.

Comment Dedicated use devices are a fad? (Score 1) 367

The very question is retarded, as it has been asked over and over and over about just about every audio, video, and computer technology to ever come along...and purpose use devices are still going along nicely.

Sure, find me a TV that is infinitely upgradeable for all future as yet unimagined technologies, and that will put a nail in the set top box coffin...but since that's fantasy land, it's not gonna happen. It's NICE when you buy a device to do one thing, and it also does other useful things as well, but when you want a media source that isn't supported...you're right back to a new set top box. That's the REAL WORLD.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 568

Let's not turn all the world into a pro wrestling match...

Apple built Thunderbolt with Intel, not against them. If it was only about fighting USB, they wouldn't team up.

Intel "built" thunderbolt, and partnered with Apple to put it into the market on Macbooks first. a non-trivial difference.

Comment Re:Is Childs case different from a labor strike? (Score 1) 488

If you want me to support somebody oppressed by the system, find me somebody I can respect in the first place. Find me somebody who didn't get oppressed for unethical acts that reflect badly on the general area of my profession.


I'll never understand people who choose assholes, douchebags and/or criminals to be their martyrs. The last 3 years have been 100% the result of his own stubborn, whaddayagonnadoaboutit attitude. I have no sympathy for him, and would hold him up as an example of "don't let this be you".

Anyone who worked in a tech company during the dotcom implosion got to deal with plenty of people like this. Changing admin passwords on friday in case they were laid off on monday. Refusing to document anything so they would be indispensable (so they think). Refusing to answer any questions during their exit interview. Screw him and his entire ilk. If he put half that effort into being a better employee he'd probably still have a job, instead of a cellmate.

Comment Re:FANTASTIC idea! (Score 4, Informative) 336

*golf clap*

Brilliant first post, Utterly brilliant.

Uh...I think you missed the point of that post. He's not engaging in brilliant and cutting satire...he's nutjob, tinfoil hat serious. Check out his post history, it's all the same paranoid conspiracy, anti-big pharma, anti vax nonsense.

The fact that it's indistinguishable from hilarious satire tells us something about the value of context...yikes.

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