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Comment Re:Not all new (Score 1) 244

Yep - I think multiuser started in 4.2.X It came with my Nexus 7 that I bought last fall in any case.
From what I was seeing, it now appears that we can put account restrictions on some accounts. That would be nice, that way I don't have to worry about my daughter putting the latest fairy garden game on my Nexus when I loan it to her.

Comment Re:Going to try to spot the scars (Score 1) 86

My 18" Obsession has both Argo-Navis DSC and Servo-Cat Drives, so it can both go-to and track.
It costs almost as much for the computer and drives as the rest of the scope =-)
I learned my way around the skies star hopping with a 4.5" and 10" dob (which I still have). But it is sure nice to be able to dial in an object, hit go to, observe it for a while, go drink some coffee/tea, come back, and still have the object in the EP.

Comment Not Really Punked, but still funny (Score 1) 218

I wouldn't call it something to the level of getting punked, but it is worth a chuckle.
Glad to see someone over at the Googleverse has a sense of humor and knows how to use it in a funny way without being too dickish.
Being a long time reader of the Oatmeal - I'm sure Inman also got a chuckle out of it and will probably respond in the next few weeks in an equally funny way.

Comment The Thing - Cheating Bitch! (Score 2) 231

Wasn't it a TRS-80 that Kurt Russell was playing chess against at the beginning of "The Thing"?
That totally cracked me up: "Cheating Bitch!" then poured his scotch into the case - I wanted to do that so many times when playing chess against that damn computer! Granted, at that time I was drinking Koolaid, but the sentiment was the same.

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