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Submission + - NSA review panel ignores surveillance issue (

return 42 writes: The Guardian reports that surveillance reform was not addressed during the first meeting of the much-touted NSA review panel. 'A review panel created by President Obama to guide reforms to US government surveillance did not discuss any changes to the National Security Agency's controversial activities at its first meeting, according to two participants.'

'My fear is it's a simulacrum of meaningful reform,' said Sascha Meinrath, a vice president of the New America Foundation, an influential Washington think tank, and the director of the Open Technology Institute, who also attended. 'Its function is to bleed off pressure, without getting to the meaningful reform.'

Submission + - How would YOU hack the world? NSA style

An anonymous reader writes: It is clear that there are important things the NSA articles from Snowden, Greenwald & Co are not telling us. Maybe it's fear of damage caused by revealing to much, or perhaps some form of decency towards the affected parties, but they are not sharing the true technical details (such as on the broken encryption articles) in their publications. Yet in order to deal with it, we really need to know. So here's the crowdsource attempt: What would YOU do as NSA to get ubiquitous access to the worlds computers and information? Man-in-the-middle everything worldwide by compromising (or creating your own) root authorities? Get a court order and make them put a backdoor in Adobe Flash player? Grab all VPN login data from Google's Android user data backups? It is clear to me that whatever follows in the comments below are things the NSA has done already. Lets see what we need to be aware of:

Comment NSA (Score 5, Insightful) 108

Hi there. NSA here. We'd like to ask everyone to stop copying our ideas. Unfortunately we can't patent them for obvious reasons, but we can block you just as much under the 'National Security' stamp, so just forget about it. Also just letting you know we are pushing for legislation to ban auto-frequency shifting routers and any rapidly moving iron object in the premises that may scatter signals. But for the record; this works just as well with your cordless phone, cellphone, radio controlled car and microwave, so switching of your router really doesn't help you. And since you propagate the radio signals voluntarily the fourth amendment also doesn't apply. (Please don't conclude we care about the constitution - We've had this argument already) Oh yeah, before I forget; dwellings that emit NO radio signals are automatically marked for surveillance and occupants placed on the no-fly list.

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