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Comment Not to be a spoilsport, but... (Score 1) 88

Gabe never confirmed Source 2. He said "We’ve been working on Valve’s new engine stuff for a while, we're probably just waiting for a game to roll it out with".

That's promising, but it sounds more to me like a further evolution of Source the way they've been doing it so far.

We'll see soon(TM) enough.

Comment Re:so .. (Score 0) 190

So I see.

It was a joke about how politically incorrect it seems to be now to refer to a dark-skinned person's skin tone.
I recall a case of bullying with some African American kid who was white, because the other kids didn't believe him.

It's all ridiculous. Race is race, skin color is skin color.

Comment Re:Also let's be clear (Score 1) 158

But that's exactly what we're saying -- x264 can match the speed of GPU encoders or QuickSync, and still provide better quality.
Or, it can provide the same quality, faster.

Sure, GPU/QuickSync encoders will have a niche once they can be faster than x264. But they're still not. They have no niche at the moment.
I'm not a fanboy of x264, it's simple fact.

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