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Comment ReactOS VM (Score 1) 229

I've got a ReactOS VM sitting on my home machine waiting for the scammers to call me. It looks like Windows. It behaves like Windows (this makes it easy to follow their script). However every remote access application I've tried crashes with all manner of creative error messages.

Comment Re:Do us a favor (Score 1) 201

On the few occasions that the scammers have managed to get hold of me, this is a game that I have played. Normally with the assistance of a Linux or ReactOS VM (ReactOS works quite well for this because it behaves just like Windows, but the various remote access apps they want to use will fail to run correctly). So far my record is 80 minutes of pretending to be a bit wet behind the ears.

Comment Re:How to disconnect any Kiwi's Internet Connectio (Score 3, Informative) 449

That would be the former member of Parliament Judith Tizard (she lost her seat during the last General Election in November). Now would be a really good time for all New Zealand based Slashdot readers to contact Steven Joyce (who is the minister for Communications and Information Technology). It would probably also be a good idea to contact your local electorate MP to voice your concern.

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