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Comment Federal Reserve is not a federal agency (Score 1) 233

"The Federal Reserve has no plans to regulate Bitcoin (lacking regulatory authority)." It lacks regulatory authority because it is private and has the same authority as Bank of America, CitiBank, or American Express to try to regulate BitCoin.

Lewis was injured by a Federal Reserve vehicle and tried to sue under the Federal Tort Claims Act. It was thrown out.

Search this in your favorite search engine:

Lewis v. United States, 680 F.2d 1239 (1982)

  Plaintiff, who was injured by vehicle owned and operated by a federal reserve bank, brought action alleging jurisdiction under the Federal Tort Claims Act. The United States District Court for the Central District of California, David W. Williams, J., dismissed holding that federal reserve bank was not a federal agency within meaning of Act and that the court therefore lacked subject-matter jurisdiction. Appeal was taken. The Court of Appeals, Poole, Circuit Judge, held that federal reserve banks are not federal instrumentalities for purposes of the Act, but are independent, privately owned and locally controlled corporations.

Federal reserve banks are not federal instrumentalities for purposes of a Federal Tort Claims Act, but are independent, privately owned and locally controlled corporations in light of fact that direct supervision and control of each bank is exercised by board of directors, federal reserve banks, though heavily regulated, are locally controlled by their member banks, banks are listed neither as "wholly owned" government corporations nor as "mixed ownership" corporations; federal reserve banks receive no appropriated funds from Congress and the banks are empowered to sue and be sued in their own names. . . .

Comment Is this for States of the Union? (Score 1) 1143

Was this regulation only written for federal lands, dockyards, forts and buildings over which the Federal goverment has exclusive jurisdiction, or have they included specific language to say that it also applies in States of the Union? Were they saving ink when they failed to list the names of the 50 states in the definitions section?

Comment The Russian way... (Score 1) 218

In Moscow, after you go through the back-scatter machine, there is an attractive middle-aged blonde lady who uses her hands to touch the suspicious areas. I didn't even begin to think about complaining about this treatment. For some reason I fantasize about taping my spare kopecks to strategic locations on my body :)

Comment violent games can be therapeutic (Score 1) 115

Violent gaming can provide a therapeutic release of anger that can benefit the players in real-life. Whenever a government blocks an activity that releases a tension, such as the gaming or prostitution, then statistics show a rise in bad activities that also release the tension, such as real violence, or sex crimes.

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